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Zheng Jianxin held the Municipal Standing Committee Conference
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On the afternoon of December 25, Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of the CPC Hengyang Municipal Party Committee, held the Municipal Standing Committee Conference. He conveyed the spirit of Provincial Committee Economic Work Meeting, listened to some relevant work situations of the 8th Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, and considered the work reports of the Municipal People’s Congress and the CPPCC “Two Sessions”.

It is underlined in the meeting that all places and departments should deeply understand and hold the scientific analysis of economic situation of the Central and Provincial Committees, unify thoughts and actions to the requirements of economic work of Central and Provincial Committees, adhere to the new concept of development, consciously and actively plan and develop Hengyang in the situation of the whole country and province, and boost confidence in development and promote greater stability and long-term economic and social development in Hengyang. Meanwhile, it is also emphasized that we must adhere to the overarching message of seeking development in stability, comprehensively perform the work of “Six Stabilities”, highlight the high-quality economic development, make overall plan to stabilize the growth, promote the reform, adjust the structure, benefit the people’s livelihood, prevent the risk and maintain the stability, implement the rural revitalization. Besides, we should also highlight and win the “Three Critical Battles”, highlight protection and improvement of people’s livelihood, focus on deepening the reform and opening-up policy and ensure that comprehensive construction of a well-off society of Hengyang and the “13th Five-Year Plan” will be successfully completed. It is also necessary to comprehensively strengthen the Party’s leadership of economic work, further enhance the ability of leading cadres to control the overall development of economy, improve the level of professionalization and precision in leading the economic work, take the construction of the Party as the focus, vigorously improve the energy and execution of the work of Party members and cadres. It is required to strengthen enthusiasm and tenacity, strictly implement the current tasks of the finishing touches in this year, “National Inspection” of poverty alleviation and safety production.

The conference listened to and agree in principle with the reports from the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Government, the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and project report and financial statement. The conference stressed that we must seek truth from facts, comprehensively and objectively summarize the work in 2019, and finally achieve heart-stirring and inspiring effects by speaking with data, presenting with highlights and supporting with projects. Meanwhile, we should also fully implement the spirit of the Central and Provincial Party Committee Economic Work Conference and the Provincial Party Committee Plenary, adequately reflect the deployment and arrangement of the 8th Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, well embody the hot issues and major engineering projects that people are universally concerned about, and ensure that the focus and foothold of all work is more accurate and effective. It is also significant to fully reflect the requirement of changing work style and writing style. And specific content should be simplified, pragmatic and focused.

The conference also researched some other matters.


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