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Hengyang signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd on camellia oil industry
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On the morning of December 7, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive cooperation agreement between the Hengyang Municipal People's Government and the Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. camellia oil industry was held. Deng Qunce, vice Secretary of municipal party committee and Mayor, Xu Wei, Party Secretary and chairman of Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd, attended the signing ceremony.

Deng Qunce and Xu Wei signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on the development of camellia oil industry on behalf of both sides.

Deputy Mayor Yang Longjin said in his speech that the camellia oil industry is the dominant industry, characteristic industry and pillar industry of Hengyang City. No matter the planting area or the output value, it is the first in the country, and this kind of resource will inevitably become the foundation of cooperation and win-win financial resources. Hengyang will give sincere and firm support to this cooperation and strive to achieve results as soon as possible

Gong Xiaobo, the general manager of Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd , said that he would take the opportunity to give full play to the advantages and responsibilities of state-owned leading enterprises, concentrate on superior resources and cooperate sincerely to build Hengyang into a national innovation center, distribution center and trading center for camellia oil and occupy the strategic commanding heights of the development of oil-tea industry nationwide.
According to the cooperation agreement, Hengyang city will effectively integrate with

Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., the resources of the whole industry chain, such as oil tea industry base, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, scientific research achievements, inspection and certification, display and sales, etc.,build “one museum, three centers”, “four platforms”, “four alliances”, “four operating companies”, “one standard system”, “two brands” and “1-2 oil tea modern agricultural industrial parks” in Hengyang, and adopt the mechanism of enterprise-leading government-guiding and market-operating, so that the industrial cluster of oil tea production and sales enterprises will be formed, which will further promote the economic development of Hengyang.


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