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Zheng Jianxin: support the development of private enterprises wholeheartedly all the time
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On the morning of November 30, the private enterprises forum was held. Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech in which he stressed that private enterprises be the most important force in the economic development of our city. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will firmly support the development of Hengyang's non-public sectors of the economy and the private enterprises to move towards a broader stage of development. All departments at all levels should conscientiously strengthen their sense of responsibility and service and support the development of our private enterprises with all their hearts and souls. Deng Qunze, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the forum.

The atmosphere of the forum was warm and everyone spoke enthusiastically. 10 entrepreneurs made speeches about suggestions on the development of private enterprises of our city, including Zhou Xinping, Ren Xianlong, Liu Zhaosheng, Hu Jiada, Zhong Linhui, Peng Qi, Zhong Xunyong, He Qiusheng, Li Rong, Ouyang Bin. From time to time, Zheng Jianxin exchanged with entrepreneurs on specific issues and asked relevant departments to seriously study and properly solve them.

After listening to all the speakers, Zheng Jianxin pointed out that the important speech addressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the private enterprises forum stimulated the “ambition” of private entrepreneurs and strengthened the "confidence" and "determination" of developing private economy in our city. Currently, non-public sector of the economy has been the most dynamic economic growth point in our city and has supported most of Hengyang's economy. Private enterprises have become one of the most important forces in the economic development of our city, and will certainly be an indispensable treasure for the high-quality development of our city's economy in the future.

Zheng Jianxin said that private entrepreneurs should at all times strive to promote entrepreneurship and firmly establish national emotions. We should keep learning, keep passion forever, be brave to take responsibility and abide by the law, actively publicize and recommend Hengyang, seize new opportunities, show new achievements and realize new development in the new era.

At the forum, Liao Jian, a city leader, conveyed and learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the private enterprise forum. Xie Mingfang, the city leader, reported on the development of private economy in the whole city.

City leaders including Bao Changlin, Yan Huaheng, Zhang Jingwei and Liu Suncheng attended the forum.


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