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10th Meeting of Board of Managing Directors of Hengyang Government Launched to Investigate Work of Undertaking Industrial Transfer
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On November 30th, Deng Qunce, Mayor of Hengyang city, held Hengyang Board of Managing Directors meeting to study the work of undertaking industrial transfer and assessment, drug control, river chief system and food and drug safety.

During the meeting the spirit in southern and western Hunan industrial transfer demonstration & construction conference was firstly conveyed. It was pointed out that we should free our mind further, develop new ideas, and be the leader of the industrial transfer work. What’s more, we ought to optimize business environment, handle a relationship well between government and market to make the market the key factor of resource allocation, work out a detailed plan to boost the process of the transfer, and improve the assessment methods of attracting investment to build a new economic pattern.

Through the outline of the 13th five-year plan of Hengyang, it’s demanded that Hengyang is bound to build its confidence and positivity to its development, and fully accomplish the targets in the plan. Secondly, we should focus on the implementation of work to promote the economic development, surrounding the goal of establishing provincial sub-central city, the most beautiful prefecture-level city and being the leader of the industrial transfer work. Thirdly, improved assessment system should be established to make sure the assigned work in the plan to forge forward steadily.

It’s suggested in the meeting that we should be people-centered and strictness should be the key idea for food and drug safety. In addition, the food and drug safety task should be regarded as a political task and livelihood projects, and we should make sure there is no major safety accident or systematic regional safety problems and stick to the related spirits on food safety to guarantee people’s health.


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