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New Vitality in Hengyang Tourism, with revenue of 52.726 billion RMB from January to October
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The tourism led by Nanyue is one of the city's 700-billion-grade industrial clusters, whose performance is eye-catching this year. From January to October, the city received 59.0109 million tourists, and realized a comprehensive tourism income of 52.726 billion yuan, an increase of 12.14% year on year. It injected new momentum into the province, which led the city's economic growth in the first three quarters.

Walking into Yuelin Village, Shouyue Township, Nanyue District, you can see at a glance that a lot of golden flowers are clustered together, just like a golden ocean. Shouyue Township has planted more than 600 mu of Guifeihuang chrysanthemum this year, and now all of them have entered the flourishing period. There are endless tourists coming to appreciate them.

Four ancient ginkgo trees growing outside Fuyan Temple have also entered the most beautiful stage, and the ancient temple has been decorated with extraordinary splendor. The average age of these ancient Ginkgo trees is over 1000 years. The highest tree is over 30 meters high and aged 1,440 years. It is the oldest ginkgo tree in Hengyang at present. Photographers set up photographic frame, and can easily freeze these most gorgeous moments at any one angle.

During this year's "National Day’s Golden Week", Hengyang's tourist attractions witnessed great popularity. Tourists'trips, especially self-driving trips, family trips and leisure trips, continued to be popular. Rural leisure experience tour routes are welcomed by many tourists. The number of tourists in the Heng Mountain, Luo Ronghuan's former residence, Cailun Baboo Forest, Shigu Academy and other key tourist attractions has risen sharply compared with normal times. New scenic spots and new tourism products such as Dongzhou Island and Chashanao characteristic tourist town have also been welcomed and sought after by the public. Among them, Dongzhou Island has received about 150,000 tourists during the National Day holiday. As one of the eight ancient scenes of Hengyang, Dongzhou Taolang, which bears the memory of Hengyang people, is now reborn. Chuanshan academy adopts the plan of "repairing the old as old" to reproduce the architectural style of the late Qing period . The lecture hall, scene exhibition hall, Chuanshan classroom and library are also important carriers for disseminating Chuanshan's thoughts and promoting Huxiang's excellent culture. They have become "holy places" for many Huxiang cultural enthusiasts.

With the help of the expansion of Nanyue Airport routes and the opening of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, the tourist market of Hengyang has attracted many tourists from Yunnan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian and Hong Kong this year. The number of tourists from other provinces has increased significantly.

In October this year, the total number of domestic and foreign tourists in Hengyang reached 86.769 million, achieving a total income of 6.368 billion yuan, an increase of 49.93% and 20.49% respectively over the same period of last year. From January to October, the number of tourists at home and abroad has reached 59.0109 million, achieving a total income of 52.726 billion yuan, an increase of 14.82% and 12.14% respectively over the same period of last year.


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