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Deng Qunce: With Solid Results, Welcome the Reinspection of Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate
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On November 4, Deng Qunce, deputy Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Hengyang City, went deep into Hengdong County and Yanfeng District to inspect environmental protection work in a "four nos and two directness" (no notice beforehand, no guanxi, no listening to reports, no accompany; directly to the grass root and scene of action) manner. He stressed that all departments at all levels should earnestly study and implement Xi Jinping's Thought of Ecological Civilization, in order to meet the test of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate with solid results.

Deng Qunce first came to the Dapu Sewage Treatment Plant in Hengdong County. What about sludge containing heavy metals? What are the ammonia nitrogen and COD indicators for water discharge? With these two questions, he carefully inspected sewage treatment facilities such as sewage lifting pumps, biochemical pools, dehumidification systems, and automatic monitoring base stations, and asked about sewage treatment processes and emission standards. The person in charge introduced that the first phase of the sewage treatment plant uses the CASS process. After the sewage collected by the Dapu Industrial Park is treated, it is discharged according to the A standard in the "pollutant discharge standard for urban sewage treatment plants". Deng Qunce stressed that we should continue to pay attention to the issue of feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate, further strengthen the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants, continuously improve the construction of supporting pipe networks, improve the sewage treatment capacity and level in order to ensure the compliance with the discharge standards.

Afterwards, Deng Qunce came to Hunan Nonferrous Hengdong Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd., carefully inspected the wastewater treatment facilities and detailed the wastewater treatment and gas emission standards. He asked companies to further improve their political standing, take the initiative to assume the main responsibility, vigorously develop the circular economy, maintain the regularity of environmental protection production and walk the road to green development and sustainable development.

Returning to the urban area, Deng Qunce also went to the Shifu road and Folk Culture Square to inspect the contral of smoke from restaurants. Seeing that the effect of smoke purification is obvious, he pointed out that it is necessary to implement all kinds of treatment measures in an uncompromising manner, comprehensively rectify the pollution of smoke from restaurants in the urban area, and gradually achieve the total standard discharge of smoke, so as to make a positive contribution to the improvement of air quality in our city.

In the inspection, Deng Qunce stressed that we should actively cooperate with the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate’s reinspection, further implement the responsibility for rectification, improve the quality of work, resolutely fight against pollution, and continuously improve the satisfaction and happiness of the people.

Deputy Mayor Peng Yuming participated in the inspection.


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