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Deng Qunce Patrolled Hengyang Exhibition Pavilion of Agricultural Fair Hoping Enterprises Taking Road of “Characteristic” and “Ecology”
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On November 3, the 16th China International Agricultural Products Fair and the 20th China Central (Hunan) Agricultural Fair were held in Changsha for the 3rd day. On the same day, Deng Qunce, deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Mayor, visited the city's exhibitors.

In this exhibition, the quality of exhibitors, the number of exhibits and the area of the exhibition hall are all the most in history. Through various forms, like pictures, words, audiovisual, objects and etc., the exhibition enterprises displayed the latest, wonderful and optimal results of modern agricultural achievements and characteristic advantages of agricultural products in our city.

On the morning, Deng Qunce came to Hengyang enterprise booth in Hunan Prefecture Exhibition Area and Brand Agricultural Exhibition Area, and listened carefully to the report of the participating enterprises on the development of agricultural products and enterprise situation. In front of the booth of Hunan Dasanxiang Camellia Oil Co., Ltd., Deng Qunce encouraged enterprise leaders to adhere to the road of modern characteristic agriculture and ecological agriculture.  

Deng Qunce has also learned about the exhibitors, sales and other related situations in Hengyang. He demanded that we should actively cultivate and develop a number of leading agricultural enterprises with high degree of industrial relevance, intensive processing ability and high level of scale and intensity around Hengyang's characteristic superior resources. We should make great efforts to extend the industrial chain and enhance the radiation-driven ability so as to further improve the level of agricultural industrialization and market competitiveness of agricultural products. A close interest linkage mechanism should be formed to promote enterprises' efficiency and increase farmers' income. We should improve the popularity of agricultural products, form brand effect, and promote the going out of agricultural products.

Deng Qunce stressed that we should improve the agricultural standard system and achieve the full coverage of agricultural production standards, establish traceability system for agricultural products, achieve traceability management of information in agricultural production and circulation, and produce green food and make people feel at ease.

Yang Longji, deputy mayor and Chen Xinwen, the senior city leader attended the patrol.


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