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Zheng Jianxin: Implement the requirement of “6 stabilities” to ensure the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks
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On November 1st, Zheng Jianxin, secretary of the municipal party committee, presided over the municipal Party and government joint (expansion) meeting,studying and implementing the spirit of the relevant meetings of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, summarized and reviewed the economic and social development of the first three quarters of the city, and arranged the next phase of work. Zheng Jianxin stressed that we should carry out the "six stabilities"(which refers to stable employment, finance, foreign trade, investment and expectations), constantly strengthen confidence, and sprint all-out to ensure the successful completion of the goals and tasks of the year. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Deng Qunce attended the meeting.

In the first three quarters, the city achieved a GDP of 205,989 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.6%, 0.8% higher than the provincial average, ranking the first in the province and the best level in the past decade. The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 7.5%, ranking the third in the province. Fixed asset investment added by 10.6%, 0.6% higher than the provincial average. Among them, industrial investment rose 49.6%, an increase of 35.3% over the same period of last year.

Zheng Jianxin pointed out that since this year, the city's economic operation has shown a good momentum of stability, progress, stability, and quality. The whole city should be objectively and rationally viewed, and constantly develop confidence in scientific research and judgment. This year, the city has actively promoted the targets and tasks set at the beginning of the year, and the economic operation has steadily improved, closely deciphering the decision-making arrangements of the central and provincial government to ensure the solid and powerful implementation of the "six stabilities"; targetted important work, key projects, and major activities to achieve precise and stable development. In response to the difficulties and problems in the economic development of the city, Zheng Jianxin emphasized that it is necessary to further strengthen the problem orientation, overcome difficulties, and sprint to ensure the completion of the goals and tasks throughout the year.

City leaders including Liao Jian, Duan Zhigang, Bao Changlin, Liu Lihua, Deng Ke, Luo Qiong, Liu Zhengxing, Zeng Yanyang and all the leaders at or above the municipal level attended the meeting.


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