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Research and Deployment in Executive Meeting of Hengyang Municipal Government
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On the afternoon of July 20th, Deng Qunce, the deputy secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, hosted the 6th executive meeting of Hengyang municipal government this year, which involved such work of research and deployment as the reform of “One Stop, One Trip, One Paper”, “Internet + Government Services”, “Mass Public Security Prevention and Control Project” and “City Betterment and Ecological Restoration Programs”.

The meeting pointed out emphatically that speeding up the reform of "One Stop, One Trip, One Paper" is not only a self-revolution initiated by the government, but a critical link in construction of "a team with the most powerful executive force". The meeting also considered the relevant reform programs, stressing that the thought and action must be consolidated into the decisions of the municipal party committee and the municipal government in accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Besides, the self-revolution of government streamlining should be promoted vigorously. Taking the needs of the masses and the existing problems as the guidance, practical measures should be carried out immediately for rectification and reform. Moreover, we must reform drastically and learn from the advanced experience of other countries to explore the "upgraded version" of the reform on the basis of the principle that absence of legal prohibition means permission. In addition, we should strengthen the basic support and make full use of the "Internet +" so as to forge a modern information technology platform. Each department is supposed to shoulder its responsibility and implement the reform of "One Stop, One Trip, One Paper" so that people can handle affairs more conveniently and more effectively.

The State Council has taken the "Internet + Government Service" as the crucial link in deepening the reform of "Government Streamlining, Management Integrating, Service Optimizing". Furthermore, it is necessary to break the "Information Isolated Island" of the government's own affairs, to integrate the construction of the government information platform and to build a unified platform of "Internet + Government Service", which matches the status of the provincially sub-central cities. Apart from co-operating with the reform of "One Stop, One Trip, One Paper" to avoid construction duplication and data conflicts, we ought to make Hengyang a "digital city" and develop "digital economy" through giving the full play to the efficiency of big data from "Internet +".

"Mass Public Security Prevention and Control Project" is a networking application project of public security video surveillance construction, which is named by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and incorporated into a key project of the national "13th Five-Year Plan". During the meeting, the project was debriefed and some relevant reform programs were considered. The meeting emphasized that the project is a basic project for the comprehensive management of social security. All of us must attach great importance to the project and improve the level in intelligentizing, institutionalizing and professionalizing of social governance. Meanwhile, we need to plan scientifically, do a good job of top-level design, treat it as the basic project of "digital city" and "intelligent city", and integrate with government service platform so as to achieve maximum benefit. We are obliged to invite tenders according to the laws and regulations and strive to achieve the most satisfactory results with the optimal input and the most excellent technology. Departments at all levels are required to strictly implement their responsibilities, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and push forward annually as planned.

“City Betterment and Ecological Restoration Programs” serves as an important way to control “urban disease”, improve the living environment and change the way of urban development. The meeting considered the “Work Plan of ‘City Betterment and Ecological Restoration Programs’ in Hengyang”, and studied the “Ten Major Projects” of the programs and the list of action plan items within three years. The meeting underlined that the program is a vital link in making Hengyang "the most beautiful prefecture-level city". Thus, we have to adopt a responsible attitude towards the history, the city, and the people. Additionally, we should vigorously promote the “Ten Major Projects” and spare no effort to build an ecologically livable city which possesses clear water and lust meadows under a blue sky.

Other items were also studied in the meeting.


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