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A 3-month Kitchen Waste Campaign to be Waged in Hengyang  
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On the morning of 28th April, Hengyang Urban Management Enforcement Bureau(UMEB) and sanitation departments hold the meeting of Kitchen Waste Collection & Transportation and Disposal Campaign in Urban Areas. It is learned that Hengyang UMEB, sanitation departments, police and other departments will run a joint three-month kitchen waste campaign from 1st May, 2018 in order to enhance a sustainable management and orderly development of the campaign.

It is known that the campaign will be divided into three stages: dissemination and appeal, joint clampdown and sustainable management. Actions of the campaign embody cracking down on illegal behavior by generative units of kitchen waste that violates Regulations of Hengyang Municipal on the Administration and Environmental Sanitation, Notifications of Hengyang Municipal People’s Government of implementing Kitchen Waste Convergent Collection & Transportation and other regulations, on illicit collection and transportation of kitchen waste and on sites that illegitimately dispose kitchen waste. Shigu district, Yanfeng district, Zhengxiang district, Zhuhui district, Gaoxin district, Songmu economic development area and Baisha industrial park etc. will all be regulated within the campaign.

By applying special campaign to day-to-day supervision, joint regulations to policy construction and strict enforcement to scientific management, law enforcers will resolve to patrol, clampdown on illegal sites, house dissemination, enforcement etc. to promote a sustainable management and orderly development of kitchen waste campaign. Hengyang sanitation department, with Sangdekaitian company, will do house dissemination and deal contracts with relative units, report those uncooperative units and expose irregular units and cars to social media such as newspaper, TV and Internet in the meantime.

Heads with Hengyang Urban Administrative Enforcement Bureau, municipal sanitation department and sanitation departments from different districts attended the meeting.


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