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Farming Culture Festival Held in Hengnan County
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On March 24th, seizing the golden opportunity of two sessions, Hengnan county, taking spring as a vehicle and perseverance as the aim, holds Hengnan Countryside Eco-tourist Spring Festival Appreciation Festival and “Lunar February 8th in Huquan Town” Farming Culture Festival in this good time. It is reported that the festival will be divided into two periods, they are, respectively, opening ceremony with performances from Xiaoman Sanxiang theatrical volunteers and a series of activities related to Spring Flower Appreciation Festival. Duan Zhigang, municipal deputy director of the NPC standing committee, inaugurates the opening.

It is learned that “Lunar February 8th in Huquan Town“ which has been there for over 600 years since Ming dynasty (1368-1644), abounding with cultural properties, such as the love for the masses, gratitude, self-relieve and a thriving nation etc., is a farming folk temple fair of renown in Xiangnan county, being listed in the Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage directory. Citizens could feel a different charm of traveling here by wondering in the vast ocean of flowers, getting imparted the glorious farming culture as well as experiencing the joy of farming.

In recent years, based on the aim of Creating the First County in Xiangnan Countryside Ecotourism, Hengnan county has stuck to the development method of Scenery Spots to Tourist Attractions, Tourist Attractions to the Whole Area, that is, by taking culture as the soul and ecosystem as the heart, it largely promotes its touristy infrastructure, making up the touristy deal ends. Today’s tourism of Hengnan county is no longer one flower standing alone, but it is the vast sea of flowers with the extraordinary February 8th in Huquan Town Cultural Festival, thousands of millions of hectares of rape flower in Shuanghekou village, Baogai town, peach flower in bloom in Xiangshi village, Chejiang town and Hongshan town, marvelous red azalea flower in Chuankou village and old trees in Qishan county ect.

Its next step is to drive advance on some key touristy projects, such as the Mengdongfang Tourism Resort, Huijing Geese Eco-town, Oriental Tangyun Huaxiang Town and Chejiang folk culture town etc., and create Hengnan-branded touristy culture, taking a more steady, more confident and stronger path for Hengnan tourism.


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