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Preparation for Hunan Provincial Games: Construction of Boya Tennis Park to Be Completed This June
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Taking Hunan Provincial Games as an opportunity, the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums for various sports competitions is in full swing in Hengyang City. On March 10th, the work of land expropriation and demolition for the tennis courts project in the north district of Hengyang Boya Park has been finished completely. At present, the foundation construction in the basement is on operation. Besides the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums is expected to be completed on June 30th.

Boya (Tennis) Park Project occupies a total land area of about 146.5 thousand square meters. And its gross floors area is approximately 65,403 square meters, of which the ground area reaches nearly 9,506 square meters and the underground area attains roughly 55,897 square meters. The construction contents concerning the north district of Boya Park consist of 1 central indoor tennis court, 8 outdoor tennis courts, 4 gymnasiums, 2 stadiums in a sunken style and an underground intelligent double-decker parking lot with 2,618 parking spaces. After the completion of the project, it will be capable for hosting individual events of national and world-class competitions.

From the construction site, we can see a hive of activity that engineering machinery vehicles working in an orderly manner and constructors taking an active participation in their work. It is learned that the work of land expropriation and demolition in north district has been finished completely. Moreover, the foundation construction in the basement is on operation. It is also an important part of the project to construct the main body of the basement, accounting for 50% of the total project volume. It is expected to complete the construction of main body by the end of April.

According to Yang Jun, the person in charge of the project from Hengyang Construction Investment Co., Ltd, in order to catch up the schedule, the project has been fully resumed in the fifth day of the lunar January; and the demolition work was completed in only one month. At the moment, the project department has set the project schedule in reversed order in accordance with the requirements of the project. Additionally, the construction has been arranged reasonably and scientifically. Meanwhile, machinery has been used for uninterrupted work. Furthermore, constructors are divided into two teams to deploy shifts. Hengyang will go all out to promote the project construction and ensure that the construction task in the north district of the park will be completed with high quality on June 30th so as to provide venues for the smooth convocation of Hunan Provincial Games in August.


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