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Jinbu Alley to Be a“Gourmet Card” of Hengyang Snacks
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Recently, according to Hengyang City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement, our city is embarking on making Jinbu Alley into a street for specialty food. So far, the preliminary planning design program has been released.

“Jinbu Alley, which is a place where one can find a great number of Hengyang authentic snacks, has reserved the memories of several generations of Hengyang,” a worker selling fried stinky tofu for almost 10 years in Jinbu Alley said with excitement. The characteristic stinky tofu can be called as “the Black Classic” of Hengyang. Due to its refreshing taste, numerous foodies rush here for the desire of tasting the delicious stinky tofu every day. Except for the fried stinky tofu, Zhajiang rice-noodles and fried river snail are also the most characteristic authentic snacks in Hengyang.

“There are more than 30 mobile booths selling various characteristic authentic snacks in Jinbu Alley. How to achieve standardized management and orderly operation without affecting the surrounding environment indeed becomes a major challenge for the city managers,”a relevant person in charge from Hengyang City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement said. Aim at making Jinbu Alley into a street for specialty food, we will adopt the mode of “government guidance, market-oriented operation and professional company management” to introduce more popular authentic snacks into the Jinbu Alley so that it will become the “gourmet card” of Hengyang local flavor snacks. The preliminary plan is to upgrade the booths in the alley under the circumstances of ensuring both the traffic and the fire safe here; for instance, using the same kind booth cars, placing them orderly along the same side, highlighting the color difference between every two booths and unifying the hydropower management. The construction plan of Jinbu Alley will be finished by the end of this year.


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