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Hengyang Holds 2018 Symposium of Veteran Cadres
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On the morning of 11th Feb., the city government holds a symposium for veteran cadres in embracing the new year. As Deng Qunce, deputy party secretary and municipal party secretary requires, services for the retired cadres as usual should be offered well both in politics and lives to assure them of a productive life in later years.

It is reported at the meeting that economic and social development of 2017 reaps dividends, among which economy, development short board, market vitality, city image and living standard have all been promoted. In 2018, the municipal government will go on putting emphasis on unity, development, implementation and people’s lives and present to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up a steady growth, reform, improved livelihood, and risk prevention in an overall picture as honors.

At the meeting, cadres have free discussion on strengthening farmer-friendly policy, giving advice on work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, public management improvement and cadres’ work. As Deng Qunce says, municipal government will take account of their suggestions and integrate them with the government scheme for a constant improvement of government capacity.

Deng Qunce emphasizes that problems from veteran cadres must be highlight problems. If problems are solvable and compliant with policies, they must be navigated as quickly as possible. If not, prompt response must be given to make sure every sound echoes. Veteran cadres should have access to it and their suggestions ought to be seriously followed and widely collected. We should protect what should have been treated to the cadres through existing policies and positive contact with them so as to create a favorable condition for their study and life.

City leaders including, like Liao Jian, Zhang Zhang, Zhong Minzhi, Zhou Mingsheng and Chen Xingwen attend the meeting.


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