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24-hour Self-help Library Making Its Debut at Taiyang Square
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On the morning of Dec 22th, Yancheng Book House starts its inauguration; citizens queue for the Yancheng Book House, the first 24-hour self-help library of Hengyang, at the east wing of Taiyang Square.

Comparing to traditional libraries, Yancheng Book House makes a breakthrough in its service limitation both in time and space by opening for 24 hours, providing no closing City Book House.

The head of City Library tells reporters that Yancheng Book House is the direct branch of the City Library in the metropolitan area. Utilizing modern information technology and devices, the Yancheng Book House provides not only the comprehensively self-help services, like using free WIFI, registering library cards, borrowing and returning books, checking, reserving and replacing cards etc., but services like borrowing electronic books, mobile libraries and Wechat libraries. Citizens could borrow at a time 4 books within 160 yuan with the library cards or ID cards. The time limit for books about art and literature is 15 days, while for the other, it’s 30 days. And people can renew their cards at the self-help devices or the Wechat public account of the city library.


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