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200 Shared Cars Stationed in Hengyang
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On the morning of December 22, 200 Xiandao Express shared cars were launched formally on more than 20 open-air points in urban area of Hengyang. These cars could be rented or returned off-site in 7 cities within Hunan Province. Our city quickly enters into the era of shared cars after ushering in an era of shared bikes.

Tang Hongwei, the general management of Xiandao Express Company, introduces that the company puts the first batch of 200 shared cars in Hengyang; apart from over 20 open-air lots at Wanda Square, BBQ Market in Huaxin district and Hengyang Li Wave International Hotel, people achieve the aim of renting or returning shared cars in other cities and counties, such as Changsha, Xiangtan, Yiyang, Zhuzhou,Liuyang and Ningxiang.

"At present, the main model of Xiandao Express shared cars is Jianghuai Automobile IEV6E, whose top speed is 110 km/h and the range 180 kilometers. Citizens drive shared cars from Hengyang to Zhuzhou or Xiangtan without transfer on the single way", said Tang Hongwei. Jianghuai Automobile IEV6 pertains to pure electric vehicles with smart appearance but equipped well with airbags, electronic dashboards, and reversing aids. All cars are insured against all risks for the sake of security. Now, rental charges are up to ¥0.33 per minute. Thus they cost only ¥3.3 in 10 minutes. Other preferential packages models are available except for paying by the hour.

It is said that people could easily rent or return Xiandao Express shared cars by using mobile phone thoroughly. People just need to download and register the application "Xiandao trip", attest their ID cards and driving licenses, pay bonds of violation valued at ¥668. Then, they are authorized to use cars. Tang Hongwei revealed that next, the Xiandao Express company plans to put 300 cars in Hengyang again and increases the city's open-air lots to 130.


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