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Youth Performance Show of 365 Kids Launched
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While the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC has been learned and implemented across the country, on the evening of Dec. 23rd, under the theme of “Remaining true to our original aspiration, building our Chinese dream together”, the splendid Youth’s Talent Show was held in Wanda Square, Hengyang. The great success of this show was achieved by the cooperation of Municipal Party Committee, Hengyang Youth Palace and the Wanda Square, enabling 365 children to show their talents on stage.


This talent show consists of 15 programs, including dancing, vocal music, instrumental music, reciting and Taekwondo performance etc., all of which are centered on the themes of core socialist values, local characteristic culture and civilized etiquette etc., showing us the teenagers’ good morale and their happy life. There are beautiful songs, wonderful dances, melodious string music, humorous sketches ... on the stage. All the 15 excellent programs are played in turn and the performers were in high spirits, expressing their own good qualities and unique styles. And under the encouragement of the host’s passionate words, the show has an incessant climax and the audiences would make heavy applause every now and then. In the end, accompanying with the beautiful melody of the song 'Singing for Hengyang', the show comes to its end.


In recent years, Hengyang Municipal Youth Center, under the guidance of XI Jingping’s Thought on socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era , has put more emphasis on teachers’ training program and children’s original art project. With all these efforts made, it has achieved a steady improvement in its training quality accordingly. In the past three years, the Palace has gained great reputation and diverse honors: it obtains national collective gold medal for 15 times, provincial collective golden medal for 21 times and individual gold medal for over 200 times, which made the center be the top in Hunan province for 3 years continuously.


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