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Zheng Jianxin in USC Inspection: Work for a Top-notch University
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On the afternoon of Dec. 15, Zheng Jianxin, vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Hengyang, visited University of South China (USC) and inspected its educational development. The municipal Party committee and government will give full support to USC’s development, he said, adding that USC must also boost industry-university-research cooperation and play its constructive part in the social and economic development of Hengyang.

As he was briefed on the university’s facilities, Zheng Jianxin visited nuclear energy simulation center, shanty areas, Xishan laboratory and innovative synergy center. He praised USC’s commitment and dedication to the economic growth of Hengyang and beyond as it is well-equipped with undergraduate, postgraduate and doctor programs.

Under the principle of free, full development without government interventions, the municipal Party committee and government will fully give boost to its growth and hope that USC would act accordingly to facilitate the socio-economic development of Hengyang.

USC representing as a shining example in Hengyang educational system, the municipal government is ready to work with USC for a national-class university, said Zheng. As the government will ensure its funding and infrastructure construction, USC must keep closer contact with the government and build national technology centers and key labs in a bid to enhance its academic influence and competition and contribute to Hengyang’s innovative entrepreneurs. The government will release favorable policies to improve municipal infrastructure construction and management, generating a well condition for USC to pool talented resources for Hengyang. Also, graduate students of USC are encouraged to take roots in Hengyang and strut their stuff for social development. As planned, shanty areas in USC will be included in the overall municipal revamping plan with a special renovation working team designed to improve work and living conditions of the faculty.

USC is required to develop through innovation, crack key problems in science and technology, accelerate the building of innovation-driven research institute, commercialize the results of science and technology and transform them into practical productive forces; work closely with affiliated hospitals, optimize medical resources, enhance medical level and make medical treatment more accessible to the public; make full use of its great minds in nuclear technology to intelligently improve the military-civilian integration in Baisha green island.

Municipal leader Tang Wenfeng also participated in the university inspection.


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