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3rd East Ring Road Opento Traffic in July 2018
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On the afternoon of Dec. 10th, Chashanao section of the 3rd East Ring Road, which has just been put into operation, was busy with cars running one after another. Flat and wide, this section of road is lined with trees on both sides. All of these constituted a series of atmospheric pictures.

Although the whole line has not been open to traffic yet, as an important road to get through the traffic arteries of the city and one of the projects that receive much concern, the 3rd East Ring Road not only connects several districts like Zhuhui District, Binjiang New District and Baishazhou Industrial District, but also intersects such arteries as Chuanshandong Road and Hengcha Road.

Project archives: 3rd East Ring Road stretches across several main arteries

From south to north, the 3rd East Ring Road meets Hengzhou Avenue in Zhuhui District (to be specific: Linghu Village and Chashanao Town) and intersects Yancheng Road, Hengcha Road and Chuanshandong Road. Over Leishui River towards Chashanao, it intersects North 3rd Ring Road and finally ends in Hengda Expressway Toll Booth.

Project Schedule: Chashanao section has been put into operation, and the whole line will be open to traffic in July next year.

“At present, the 3rd East Ring Upgrading Extension Project has actually achieved an investment of 115 million yuan from January to November this year,”Liu Huafeng, the technical director of the project, said. The project planned to invest 90 million yuan annually, however, the actual investment reached 115 million yuan from January to November this year, accounting for 129% of the annual plan.

Specific image schedule includes subgrading earthwork which has been finished 60%, bridge engineering 80% and pavement engineering 50%. The entrance and exit of Zhuhuinan Expressway has been put into operation in February 2017, the entrance and exit of Zhuhuibei Expressway in November 2017, and Chashanao section in the end of November.

Project Impact: the 3rd East Ring Road connects several districts and intersects traffic arteries from north to south.

According to the reporter, Linghu Village section of the 3rd East Ring Road is a 6-lane dual carriageway. Although it has not been put into operation yet, the flat and wide asphalt road has been fully paved. Besides, greening projects and matching lighting projects on both sides of the road are under intense construction.


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