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Urban Rail Planning Studied in the 11th Hengyang Government Executive Meeting
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On September 21st, Zheng Jianxin, the mayor of Hengyang, presided over the 11th executive meeting of the government, and conducted a study on the work of urban rail line and railway demonstration line.

It was pointed out in the meeting that the urban rail transportation is a public welfare infrastructure; especially a logo of the big city which played a significant role in the effective investment, the related industries development, and the layout of Hengyang city. At present, Hengyang has had the foundation to develop the rail transportation. We should seize the opportunities, and accelerate the construction of the urban transportation projects.

It was also demanded in the meeting that departments of all levels should seize the day to enhance sense of urgency and responsibility, and press ahead with all the specific works. In accordance with the principle of step-by-step construction, it is necessary to establish a scientific and detailed network to strengthen the cooperation with partners. We should also employ PPP pattern to promote the project construction, and accelerate the construction and declaration of demonstration lines.

It was stressed in the meeting that departments at all levels should create a good atmosphere for the development of rail transit construction, and cooperate with each other to form a strong work force. We will further optimize government services and open up a green channel for the project in accordance with the requirements. We will do the propaganda work further and well, and let every citizen know and support the construction of rail transit projects.

Hengyang leaders including Liao Jian, Zhang Zhang, Tong Zhiwen, Liu Zhengxing, Gong Xueyu, Zhou Yumei, Peng Yuming and Li Hui, and the Hengyang government secretary-general, Deng Xiaolin, also participated in the meeting.


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