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Beautiful Home River & Genial Home Feeling
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Hengyang is the place where the wild geese are sentimentally attached. Here own the beautiful mountains, rivers and the material treasures. Abundant culture and a harmonious society is also one of the typical features of the city.

As the second largest city in the province, we feel very proud that Hengyang enjoys a great source of resources, such as industrial base, transportation hub, historic city and tourist attraction.

Since last year, Hengyang Party committee and government have spared no effort to construct The Five New Hengyang, trying to earn 8 titles for Hengyang, such as a civilized city, a national garden city, and a national outstanding city of comprehensive management.

The safety of Hengyang is the foundation for our work and life. As a Hengyang person, please read this article carefully and repost it actively.

If you are lucky enough to receive polling call (0731-12340 or Number start with 0731), please cooperate actively. Your answer is a matter of local image, and also a matter of environmental development, which bears on the immediate interests of each Hengyang people. I earnestly request our fellow-townsmen to give your LIKE to our hometown. The honor and development of Hengyang requires your care, support and cooperation.


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