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Publicity Month of Financial Knowledge Launches in Hengyang
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On Sept. 22nd, Publicity Month of Financial Knowledge was launched in Hengnan County, Hengyang. Zhang Zhang, a member of Standing Committee of Hengyang Municipal Committee and the Vice-Mayor, announced the start of the launching ceremony and watched the performances in the site.

That day, financial institutions disseminated financial knowledge all around the scene by giving out manuals themed by fighting illegal fund-raising and targeted poverty alleviation, in addition, they arranged for the audiences a show whose theme was in accordance with the manuals but forms varied, which included comedy sketches, Sanjuban(a traditional Chinese folk art form) and scene play, not only enhancing people's financial literacy but also bringing joyful laughter and stormy applause.

Zhang Zhang emphasized that all governments, people's banks and financial institutions should view the publicity as a daily routine and coordinate it with the construction of New Village and poverty alleviation. County-level and city-level governments should promote the establishment of financial security areas, give support in setting up rural infrastructures of financial service, stimulate the credit expansion and popularization of financial knowledge, create a suitable environment for local financial institutions, strengthen the sense of responsibility, communicate with consumers under the inclusive financial system, improve service quality, make contributions to economic development; members and cadres of CPC should be backers, participants and representatives of this campaign.

It's introduced that the campaign, since it has begun, will be implemented in the whole Hengyang City as well as other cities and counties so as to sustain and normalize the publicity and education of financial knowledge, meanwhile, improve people's capability of acquiring wealth through financial instruments and handling financial frauds.


Translator: Yin Jing

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