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Hengyang Public Welfare City Inspector Volunteers to Regularize the Parking of Sharing Bicycles
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On the morning of September 17th, the public welfare city inspector volunteer group implemented an activity called "cycling tour and regularizing the parking of sharing bicycles" in the Hengyang high-tech industrial development zone (hereinafter referred to as the high-tech zone). The event is a continuation of another one called “New era shared; Hengyang civilized”.

It was reported that the event lasted three hours, and there were 14 volunteers. They dressed a green vest in the high-tech zone, and then rode a shared bicycle with a red flag, which read “public welfare volunteer service” to seek the shared bicycles along the main streets and communities in the zone and put them in order.

Ouyang Shengmei, an officer of Public welfare volunteer service group, told us that phenomena of parking disorderly were much less than used to be, thanks to the support of other volunteers in the high-tech zone, which also shows that t people there were with poor quality. “It was the first time for volunteers to ride and do service at the same time. So, they should pay much more special attention to the traffic safety,” he said, “The current service is still in groping, and the next stop will be Shigu district. I hope that more young people can join the volunteer group then.

Peng Meicheng, a forewoman of urban management team, introduced that there were a great number of sharing bicycles in the high-tech zone, and it was also a heavy workload to regularize them, so she thanked the volunteers very much for their help, and hope that more volunteers can join them to work together and create the national civilized city.

East wind, an alias of a bicycle expert who has ridden for 7 years and still kept record of riding a hundred thousand km, also participated in this volunteer service activity. He appealed to citizens to put the sharing bicycles in order, which can both protect bicycles and city appearance as well.


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