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2017 Hengzhou Economic Development Forum Scheduling Meeting Convened
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On the morning of Sept. 17th, Liao Yanqiu, chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, presided over the 2017 Hengzhou Economic Development Forum Scheduling Meeting, making rearrangements for work related. He emphasized that the attendees should demonstrate solidarity which means cooperation in accordance with five "can't".

Liao listened to the work report from all groups of Forum Organization Committee and gave suggestions on event agenda and crucial areas. He pointed out that the preparatory work was undergoing systematically and the achievements should be highly affirmed. In addition, the preparations should be made according to the time schedule so as to guarantee the continuity and advancement of the work.

Liao required that all groups, during the tense counting-down period, can't be careless, namely, details determine success or faluire, so we must maintain a serious working attitude to achieving the ultimate; can't be excessively unconventional, focusing on the step-by-step implementation of the agenda and key points; can't be an armchair strategist, with on-the-spot investigation taking into account the time, place and participants of various activities; can't complain each other. Since this job is strenous and complicated, we should strengthen the coordination to impress the clients as well as we can; can't be listless, upholding a strong sense of solidarity and responsibility, rising to the challenge in order to display the image and boost the development of Hengyang.

Zhang Liang, vice-chiarman of CPC, attended the meeting.


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