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Real-name System Put into Practice in Trans-provincial and Inter-city Road Passenger Transport
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From Sept. 20th, the real-name system for ticket purchase and ticket checking has been put into practice in all the proprietors of trans-provincial and inter-city passenger transport routes, ticket offices commissioned by them and passenger depots of starting points, ending points, stopover points, aiming at complying with the laws and regulations of Anti-Terrorism, implementing the unified deployment of the provincial and municipal government, increase the management level of the road transport so as to stimulate the development of the economic society.

According to the requirements of the real-name system, 19 passenger stations should update the ticketing system and send information to the Public Security Bureau in real-time; every wicket should be equipped with one identity reader and two QR code printers, printing QR code, name, ID type and number on corresponding place of the ticket; install check-in equipment with functions of ID reading, photographing, face recognition,ticket checking and enhance the recognition capability to ensure the correspondence of people with their IDs and tickets. Each bus station should establish police office which not only deals with certificate handling and supervision but also provides explosion-proof equipment.

Four first-class stations, two second-class ones and another three were required to be equipped with wing-shaped auto-gates. The enterprise leaders of the rest 12 stations have the right to decide to do accordingly or not on their own.

For a better management, the site will be renovated in the four first-class and two second-class stations as well as Changning Quanfeng Station, Leiyang Zaoshi Station, Zhuhui Wangjiang Station, specifically, it will be divided into two waiting areas and two departing areas respectively for long-distance and short-distance. At the same time, they set up equipment inspection channel and manual inspection channel to perfect the closed-off management. In addition, these stations tranformed their monitoring devices, installing them in the entrances, wickets and security checkpoints and making network connections with the Public Security Bureau.

It's known that the real-name system, from June 1st to July 20th, was experimented in the Municipal Central Bus Station. The experience of the pilot project has been concluded and the real-name management system has been in full swing from July 21st to Sept. 20th.


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