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Nanyue Scenic Spot Opens Freely for 2017 Outstanding Teachers in Hengyang City
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On Sep. 10th, the 33rd Teachers’ Day, an Award Ceremony— “Thank you, Teachers!”— was held to express respect and gratitude to teachers. 247 outstanding teachers, who have contributed a lot to the education in Hengyang, got to the podium to be honored and worshipped. Zhou Nong, Party Secretary and Municipal Standing Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress, Zheng Jianxin, the Vice Party Secretary and Mayor, gave blessings to all the teachers and educators, hoping that they can keep working hard and get achievements in education.

At the beginning of the ceremony, via a piece of VCR audiences appreciated the experiences of those teachers who got awards.
The Award Ceremony consisted of four parts: the Star of Honor, the Star of Hope, the Star of Effort and the Star of Persistence. During the ceremony, the prize presentation and performances were done in turn. The whole ceremony praised teachers’ qualities— dedicating themselves to education, being willing to be thrifty, bearing hardship without complaint and exerting their utmost effort to educating students.

Many senior headmasters and teachers of high ability and integrity presented the awards to the outstanding teachers. They not only gave the young teachers honor, but also give them the baton of education. Afterwards, students presented flowers to the teachers to express the feeling of gratitude.

The 247 teachers are outstanding representatives in the group of excellent teachers in the city, including 8 provincial excellent teachers, 1 provincial excellent educator, 1 provincial most lovely village teacher, 80 municipal excellent teachers, 20 municipal excellent voluntary teachers, 100 municipal excellent village teachers and 37 teachers with Outstanding Contribution Award.

Among these teachers, there are many examples: an excellent group from Hengyang Middle School who “don’t compare top students but progress, don’t compare teachers but heart”; Zhou Deping, a teacher who has served in Xinjiang, “has spread dreams and hopes to the children in remote areas; Peng Kuihua, a special education teacher, “be persistent on education while she was called ‘dumb teacher’”; Wang Shiqing and Li Gaochao “has taught in remote area for 38 years with a bed, a fan and a desk”. They are only representatives among thousands of teachers and examples of teaching, bringing wonderful education in Hengyang with even more other educators.


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