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Zheng Jianxin Visiting Reps of Municipal Excellent Teachers in Hope of Public-Satisfied Education
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On Sep. 8th, as the Teachers’ Day on 10th is at hand, Zheng Jianxin, vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Hengyang, visited representatives of municipal exceptional teachers in Hengyang Huaxin Experimental Middle School and Hengyang Vocational and Technical Institute. On behalf of the municipal party committee and government, he also extended his best regards and highest tributes to all the educators in Hengyang. With such occasion, he called for government departments of all levels to take account of education development and teachers’ livelihood and improve overall quality, making a good educational-work style of knowledge-respected, talent-respected and public satisfaction.

Firstly, Zheng Jianxin inspected the school development and teaching staff in Hengyang Huaxin Experimental Middle School. The school, as he learned, was established in 2010 and can accommodate over 1500 students with 30 classes. The school, known for its significant teaching quality, has been in the vanguard of its counterparts directly under municipal government for three successive years. Zhou Shenglong, a headteacher of an 8th grade class, acquired national utility model patent for his work Laboratory Magnetic Suspension Guide Rail. Zheng was concerned about his livelihood and encouraged to continue to uphold innovation spirit, work on talent cultivation and press ahead for better achievements as a contribution to the school development. Government departments are required to give full support to the school developments such as finance, land and resources. Meanwhile, the school must keep integrating resources and improve teaching equipment, teacher training and overall quality of education, so as to offer students high-end formal education and gratify the public.

Founded in 1940, Hengyang Vocational and Technical Institute boasts a long historical standing. With 14 majors, the institute has distinguishing features and ranks among the first leading positions of national vocational and technical education. Zheng Jianxin was pleased after learning about the school enrollment and graduate employment. He pointed out that developing vocational and technical education has been one of national strategies. At this point, Hengyang is in great need of vocational talents for it is still in developing economy. The institute must improve resources integration and bring in more special majors, thus better serving the social and economic development.

He also emphatically stated: China has been placing high premium on education, advocating education as foundation and priority. With this in mind, we must focus on the construction of teaching equipment, enhance school management and faculty quality and grant teachers better working conditions, creating a strong didactic style across the educational circle.

The event also brought in municipal leader Liao Jian.


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