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Hengyang: “Three Cleans and Three Constructs” Vitalizes Living Environment
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In Hehuaping Community of Zhuhui District, the reporter found that, with the implementation of "three cleans and three constructs" (clean the adlets, wastes, illegal buildings and ads; construct roads, gardens and greenbelts), the bumpy roads, the blocked gutter and dead street lamp had all disappeared. What's more, the long-clogged underground pipelines were unchocked, the disorganized water pipes and electric wires were rearranged, and the illegal buildings were dismantled. The community members praised the evident progress of their living environment.

According to what the reporter has discovered, Hedong Court Plaza, once occupied by illegal structures, is now equipped with a wooden pavilion and fitness facilities thus becomes a nice place for both entertainment and exercise. "Here used to be dirty and messy with a variety of debris. But now, it has turned into our favorite place in which we can take a walk and spend our leisure time during the day as well as dancing and exercising in the evening." Miss Li, who was resting in the pavilion, gave such a compliment to the "three cleans and three constructs".

In the past few years, Hehuaping Community has been undergoing the "three cleans and three constructs", devoted to building a more enjoyable living place by solving the major problems existing in the old residential areas for a dramatical change in appearance. Their achievements were presented in three aspects. At the end of the last year, firstly, they teared down 6 courtyards with fence and 1800㎡of illegal buildings, cleared and delivered 3300m3 of wastes, hardened 9800㎡ of roads, which not only alleviated the traffic pressure but also promoted the inner circulation; secondly, they've established open ditches and drainage ditches, cleaned up the septic tand, installed the manhole cover and solved the problems related to water and pollutant drainage; thirdly, they painted the wall, renovated the greenbelt, transplanted 3160 grasses and trees, set up 2 wooden pavilions and several fitness plazas, creating another ecological and livable homeland.


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