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Building National Leading Company in Salt Industry
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On the morning of Sep. 1, Zheng Jianxin, vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Hengyang, stressed that Hunan Xiangheng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd should improve its technological level and expand its production capacity as well as sales market, building itself a pioneer company among counterparts.

Subordinated to Hunan Light Industry & Salt Industry Group, the company produces 2.4 million tons of salt and saltpeter per annum and obtains billions of annual profit. It is a national-appointed table salt enterprise and also a modern large-scale base for manufacturing well and rock salt with combinations of rock salt exploitation, power and heat generation, vacuum salt making and package logistics, boasting the largest single salt manufacturer in pan-Pearl River delta economic zone. In the first half of 2017, the company made proactive steps to expand its markets, accomplished 1.17 million tons of saltpeter and nitrate, 47.65 million RMB of tax revenue and 65.69 million RMB of net income by taking advantage of industrial reform.

Zheng Jianxin attentively inspected the depth of rock salt layer, operating principle of the well and geologic structure protection in ZK2030 salt well. After learning of 12.6 billion tons reserve in Chashan’ao and a depth of over 300 meters of salt layer, he required them to attach equal importance to exploitation and protection, i.e. protecting local environment and strengthening safety production, on the other hand, enlarging production capacity and improving productivity effect.

Afterwards, Zheng Jianxin visited its work control center and inspected its operation of digital control production line. He learned that small-sized packing technological reform project designed to produce 0.3 million tons per year has been in operation for nearly a month. After inspecting its dust-free workshop, he said the company must further enhance its technological level, upgrade and accelerate intelligent warehouses and desulfuration and denitration projects and improve product quality; expand product application, develop new industry and shift to circular economy; build a theme park featuring salt culture, develop medical salt, integrate utilization of brine purification and waste disposal, keep improving industrial chain and boost enterprise competition.

Zheng Jianxin pointed out that government departments of all levels must consistently support the company’s development and help to combat problems arising from development resources, land planning and water, power, air supple and property management, paving the way for it to become top company among peers.

Municipal leaders Liu Zhengxing and Hu Shuilong also participated in the inspection.


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