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Zhou Nong: Promoting Innovation-driven Development to Take Root in Hengyang
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The 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 11th Provincial Party Committee of the CCP concluded in recent days. On July 21, a scientific and technological innovation conference convened in Hengyang to deepen the study of the spirit addressed in the sessions and give specific work plans to promote the strategy of innovation-driven development. Zhou Nong, the Secretary of the municipal party committee and the Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, emphatically addressed that the strategy of innovation-driven development must be rooted and practiced in Hengyang as soon as possible. The conference was chaired by Zheng Jianxin, vice party secretary and acting mayor of Hengyang.

The conference reported and studied the spirit of the three sessions. Zhou Nong pointed out that it was of vital importance to the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress and it delivered the work plans of the innovation-driven development strategy. Several Opinions on Vigorous Implementation of the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy by the Hunan Party Committee was deliberated and carried out in the conference. He also called for municipal departments at all levels to study and implement the spirit of the sessions, put thoughts and actions into the plans and altogether expedite the strategy to take root in Hengyang, thereby making our due contributions to the prosperity of Hunan province.

Zhou Nong pointed out that we must seize this opportunity to study the spirit. The municipal party committee has worked out plans and next all the units in the counties, districts, parks and institutions of higher education must convene meetings to disseminate the spirit at the grassroots level.

Zhou Nong stressed that we must hold on to the strategy rooted in hengyang. He said as the second largest city and a central region in Hunan, Hengyang has been committed to being a provincial sub center city. It has gained the confidence to set the pace of the strategy within Hunan and endeavored to become a new city with innovation-powered engine and open economic development.

Zhou Nong also required that we must set the goal of National Innovative City and draw on the opportunity of being a pilot city of China Manufacturing 2025, and start mainland and B&R initiative. With these advantages, we are supposed to directly connect with the Five Actions, take active part in Hunan free trade area, build a new pattern of all-around opening-up, comprehensively accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading and set free the full potential of Hengyang’s development.

The conference was also attended by the following municipal leaders: Deng Qunce, Duan Zhigang, Luo Donghai, Bao Changlin, Liu Lihua, Deng Ke, Zhang Hewen, Chen Jing, Liao Jian, Li Pengfei, Liu Zhengxing, Gong Xueyu and Xu Yunsheng.


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