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No Need to Wait to Make U-turn When Passing the 2 Crossings
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Recently, in order to provide citizens with convenience, traffic police department has remade the U-turn signs and Yellow grid lines at the BBK square crossing and LanKaFul crossing, which means we don’t have to wait any instruction of signal lamp when making a U-turn at these crossings.

On the morning of July 16th, some U-turn signs and Yellow grid lines were clearly seen at those two crossings. However, we also noticed that not all crossings had their U-turn signs, but some drivers tried to make a U-turn eagerly when reaching the turning basin.

Deng Songhua, a people's police from Propaganda and Education Department of Hengyang public security bureau traffic police detachment, told us that the new signs we have made avoid all the drivers to make a U-turn without waiting for an instruction of signal lamp. But the only one thing we need to pay more attention to is that these signs are going to be perfected. Only by perfecting all the signs here can drivers make U-turns without risks. Furthermore, when any vehicle stop in the turning basin, the following vehicles must stay out of the turning area until there is enough space ahead.

It was also learnt that traffic police department are making some investigations to test these signs. If the signs work well, they will take the same steps to other crossings. Perhaps, it will happen at more crossings to make a U-turn without waiting for any instruction of signal lamp. Meanwhile, traffic police remind all the drivers that we should let other vehicles go first when making a U-turn. If it leads to a traffic accident, the turning vehicle needs to take full responsibility.


Translator: Yin Jing

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