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Zheng Jianxin: Implementing Innovation-Driven Strategy and Creating Hengyang Enterprise Brand
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On the afternoon of July 13 and 14, Zheng Jianxin, vice party secretary and acting mayor of Hengyang, continuously inspected some key enterprises in Hengyang. He emphatically stated that enterprises must firmly implement the innovation-driven strategy and render themselves into strong and high-quality ones with new ideas, technology and products, building its own brand for Hengyang industrial enterprises.

In sequence, Zheng Jianxing inspected the enterprises and industrial parks as follows: CAMC, Tus- Guhan Group Co., Ltd, Hunan Lefudi Medical Packaging Ltd, Ramon Science & Technology Co., Ltd, ZTE Science & Technology Park, Lu’sNew Park. He exchanged with the entrepreneurs about their enterprise operations and some problems urgently to be solved. In CAMC, he fully appreciated its offshoot in Hengyang and the prodigious achievements by applauding its high productivity, advanced technology, premium products and promising markets; in Tus- Guhan Group Corp, he hoped the enterprise could make the best of its listed company, improve project layouts, make greater investments in Hengyang market and make itself a leading economy; in Lefudi, he required the enterprise to strengthen the development of new products and packaging and attract more high-end customers; in Ramon, he spoke highly of its enterprise spirit of pressing ahead and pioneering; in ZTE Science & Technology Park, it was required to accelerate self-construction and abide by the slogan “Hengyang Wisdom”; in Lu’s New Park, he required the park to speed up its infrastructure construction and accomplish it as soon as possible.

Zheng Jianxin said, in the context of ever-changing science and technology development and fierce market competition, entrepreneurs must raise awareness of creativity, cling to innovation-driven strategy, develop their enterprises into strong and premium ones with new ideas, technology and products and create their own brands for Hengyang industrial enterprises. He also called for enterprises to place premium on its benefits, qualities and innovation, fully grasp national industrial policies related themselves, seize upon the opportunity of Belt and Road Initiative, benchmark the requirements of “China manufacturing 2025”, integrate the advanced experience of domestic and foreign enterprises with their own reality, create a famous trademark with independent intellectual property rights, endeavor to be a leading enterprise in its counterparts nationally or overseas and make a comeback of glorious Hengyang industry image. He pointed out that competition among enterprises could boil down to the development of technology, while the technology development needs great talents; for one thing, enterprises need to adopt various measures, introduce top talents, target the development of science and technology, improve traditional handicraft and technological content of products; for another, they should also strengthen the staff training, make every employee well clear of his or her sector and keep improving and render itself into a land of high calibre. Plus, enterprises must manage themselves creatively, integrate intelligent manufacturing into every sector and reduce managerial cost. Meanwhile, enterprises should never cease to develop advanced, refined and cutting-edge products, expand industrial business, broaden more marketing channels and enhance market share.

Zheng Jianxin stressed that the development of all enterprises in Hengyang would be fully supported by the municipal party committee and government. Related departments would establish direct contact with enterprises, timely know their new developments, help enterprises through procedures, solve the difficulties of enterprise land and work force and cut back on the cost of communicating with the government; faithfully implement and support the national policies, revitalize asset resources, improve enterprise’s stock and productivity; keep active contact with higher level departments, help enterprises win more support from policy and finance, promote project construction, enhance entrepreneurs confidence in investing and make fruitful results in Hengyang.

The inspection was accompanied by some municipal leaders: Duan Zhigang, Luo Donghai, Li Pengfei, Liu Zhengxing, Peng Yuming, Xie Su, Li Hui and Hu Shuilong.


Translator: Yin Jing

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