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Zhou Nong Chairing a Dispatching Meeting of Flood Control and Inspecting Anti-Flood Work in Districts
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On July 1st, Zhou Nong, the Secretary of the municipal party committee and the Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, urgently held an overnight dispatching meeting of flood prevention and monitoring key areas’ work. Emphatically, he stated that we must see flood prevention as a top priority, strictly carry out our responsibilities and strengthen work shifts. Leaders and officers at all levels must come at the frontline to command flood control and disaster resistance. For the disaster that has occurred, relevant relief must be timely provided in order to keep Hengyang safe and sound through the flood season.

At the Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Command Center, Zhou Nong was given a blanket work report of the related departments.

June 24th had seen the beginning of the heavy rainfall affecting Hengyang.

By 7p.m., July 1st, Guiyang station in Xiangjiang River measured the water level of 44.75m, only 0.65m left to reach the warning line. Shenshantou station in Zhengshui which is one of the main tributaries of Xiangjiang River was gauged at 95.19m by Shenshan station, only 0.81m left to stand at the warning point. A total of 3 reservoirs in Hengyang had surpassed the flood control level.
According to the statistics by the Civil Affairs Department, from the early morning of June 30 to 6p.m. July 1, almost 109371 people suffered from flood disaster and 313 houses collapsed, in which 226 were severely ruined. 2848 people were urgently transferred and relocated. Direct economic loss amounted to 130 million RMB.

Meteorological department forecasted that from the night of July 1 to 3, Hengyang’s rainfall was again intensified. The precipitation was estimated to reach 60-100mm, with 150-180mm in some localities. From the evening of July 1 to 2, there was widespread torrential rain and rainstorm in some parts of Hengyang. But the rainfall would recede from 4th.

Zhou Nong said the current flood control must be put on a premium. The Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Command Center had launched level-2 emergency response plan, and the level-3 was also initiated yesterday. Departments at different levels must deploy the plans and regard the anti-flood work as a cardinal task.

As for the existing disaster, we must work hard on the relief work, making sure that the suffered residents had enough food, shelters, potable water and medical care. Efforts should be made to fix and maintain the facilities of transportation, communication, electric power departments, ensuring the full access to water, electricity and transportation. Besides, we must scientifically organize the relief work, ward off secondary disasters and accidents and deal with hygiene and epidemic prevention.
Zhou Nong stressed that we must strictly fulfill our duties and step up the efforts of work shifts. During the flood season, leaders and officers at all lines wouldn't take any days off and promptly root themselves into the frontlines of flood control at the grassroots levels. Additionally, we must make right judgements about flood disasters, timely report the situation, direct the right public opinion and keep social harmony.

At the early morning of July 2nd, in spite of heavy rain, Zhou Nong visited the Xigan Canal intersecting the Hongxiang North Rd in Zhuxiang District and Lixin Avenue and he also inspected the flood work of Paizi station in Yanjiaping, Zhuihui District. He ordered the related departments and staff to monitor the station around the clock. Emergency response plans must be carried out in the waterlogging regions, keeping the municipal traffic clear. Construction department must screen and maintain the manhole covers in all main roads. Governments of all districts must step up efforts to keep the life of the people safe as well as their residences, especially dilapidated ones.

Municipal leaders, Zhang Hewen, He Xiaokun and Yang Longjin also attended the dispatching meeting.


Translator: Yin Jing

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