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Zheng Jianxin Throwing Himself into the Frontline to Command Anti-Flood Work at Site
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Recently, Hengyang has been experiencing conservative heavy rainfalls, with many water continually rising as well as some geological disasters like landslides. At the early morning of July 2nd, Zheng Jianxin, vice party secretary and acting mayor of Hengyang, came to visit many key anti-flood areas in Hengnan County and command the local flood prevention work. He stressed that departments of all levels must root themselves into the frontline to fight floods and provide disaster relief and keep alert on the work. And he also emphasized that they must strictly carry out the level-3 emergency response plans, intensify the flood monitoring, strengthen the work shifts and keep all safe through the flood season.

Chengpingpu reservoir in Hengyang County is a middle-sized reservoir mainly used for flood control and agricultural irrigation and it is integrated with electricity, farming, etc. It controls a water area of 45.4 km2 and the normal water storage level and designed maximum flood level is 201.2m. It can store about 17.4 million m3 and level of dead water is 161m. Zheng Jianxin personally inspected the reservoir’s water storage, water level and the work shifts. Then he pointed out that the reservoir’s water level was drawing near the warning point owing to this year’s heavy rainfalls. Departments of all levels must raise awareness of safety, keep strong vigilance, strictly comply with the level-3 emergency response plans, improve the management mechanism of monitoring system as soon as possible, implement 24/7 work shifts, enhance the forecasting ability, endeavor to repair and maintain the residences and water conservancy facilities, timely find and eliminate the potential danger and protect the life and property of the people.

At 8a.m. June 29th, mountain and housing cracking and other disasters occurred in Dayuan quarter, Jiangjuntou village, Yanpo township. The local government promptly had them transferred away from the site. 10 villagers living nearby were relocated and warning signs set up in the area. At present, faults over 50m in length were found at the back of the mountain and the whole mountain was likely to collapse. Zheng Jianxin came into the site and learned about the situation. He emphasized that at this pivotal time of anti-flood work, all departments can't be lax but to strengthen cooperation, dispatch the work scientifically, organize the mass to a safe place, timely work on the rebuilding work after the disasters, always put the interests of the people at first and try to reduce the loss especially to the flour.

Zheng Jianxin arrived in the Tixian flood control site in Xidu township. He carefully inquired the warning water level and its control capacity. It was learned that the total length of the flood protection embankment is 21.6km, with 4 guard circles and the IV embankment engineering level. The construction was set at level 4 and it can defense a flood that has never occurred for 30 years. Zheng Jianxin called for all major leaders, in times of the flood disaster, must strictly carry out their own responsibilities, put the accountability and policy into right place and further eliminate the potential hazards; related departments must earnestly monitor the rainfall and the water levels and instantly initiate emergency response plan if it goes south.

Since the basin of Zhengshui River kept rising, Zhongzhou Park in Hengyang County has been closed in June 24th. Zheng Jianxin required the rubbish left in the park after the flood season to be fully disinfected, ensuring a successful opening for the park.
Yang Jinlong, vice mayor of Hengyang, also attended the dispatching meeting.


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