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Zhou Haibing inspecting the communities “3 Cleanings, 3 Constructions”, ensuring completion within this year
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On Apr. 15th, Zhou Haibing, Vice Secretary of the municipal party committee and Mayor of the municipal government, inspected the work “Three Cleanings, Three Constructions” (cleaning sticking bills, littering and unapproved construction projects; constructing traffic, parks, and environment) in some district communities by drawing lots and then conducted the work promotion conference. He emphasized that departments at all levels must see the work as a starting point to stimulate and mobilize the mass, make the citizens more proactive to join in the community development, ensure the work to be completed with quality assurance in time and promise a cozy living environment.

At the moment, 141 communities (including a shantytown) have carried out the work, among which 10 pilot ones have already fulfilled it. The rest 69 have been basically or comprehensively completed, and already filed for work acceptance. The 2016 work has been achieved in the main. This year, other 62 communities have yet to accomplish the work and currently the districts are working on the primary stage.

Zhou Haibing visited the following work sites: Xinfengli community in Zhuhui District, Yudetang community in Yanfeng District, Lixin’er community in Zhengxiang District and Xiangyun community in Gaoxin development zone. At every community, he carefully scrutinized the renovation and talked with the working staff and the residents. He also solicited comments and suggestions on the work from them. As for some improvement work, he assigned the settlement on site. Additionally, he gave recognition of the work achievements made in the communities through their good working style, effective results and initiative.


In the afternoon, Zhou Haibing carefully listened to the work report on the “Three Cleanings, Three Constructions” in the meeting. He noted that the top priority is the district leaders’ duties to improve municipal development and management, to thoroughly change its impoverished and backward image, to serve people and to create a homey environment. Starting from the grassroots level, departments at all levels must keep the traffic roads and communities clean and tidy by means of disposal of construction waste, sidewalk renovation, etc. Main leaders in party government must set a good example and the division leaders attend to their due duties, while all departments must join hands to improve the municipal self-management and self-development. Besides, he also called for the practice of putting every leader in charge of each community and bringing about work cohesiveness and centripetal force and a beautiful homeland by mobilizing the mass.

Zhou Haibing also underlined the next-stage work from five critical aspects: Firstly, completing the first-batch work acceptance on time under strict standard rules and selecting out the sample community; secondly, implementing the work of the second-batch communities in an all-round way, focusing on the primary work, making sure of its completion on time; third is to formulate a following-up management system and making it long-term effective; fourthly, establishing volunteer group to administrate the communities, truly achieving autonomy; fifthly, accelerating the development of surveillance system and enhancing the AI and information-based community management.

Municipal leaders, Zhou Yumei and Tang Wenfeng, attended the meeting.


Translator: Yin Jing

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