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Zhou Haibing Dispatching the Key Projects of Urban Construction to Ensure Each Project Being Completed on Time and with Quality Guaranteed
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On the afternoon of Apr. 8th, Zhou Haibing, the Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor, dispatched the key projects of urban construction. He stated that urban construction is of great importance for the development of economy and society and the improvement of people’s livelihood. Thus, each department should be united further and form resultant force, pushing the key projects of urban construction and ensuring each project being completed on time and with quality guaranteed in accordance with high standards, high efficiency and high speed.

Under heavy rain and on muddy road, Zhou Haibing investigated the projects of the scenery belt of Zhengshui’s West Bank, the road network in Lujia District, extension west of Hengzhou Avenue, Wanda Square and the surrounding roads. The south scenery belt of Zhengshui’s Wes t Bank, with a total length of 2.5 kilometers and a total investment of 373million yuan, ranges from Xinyang Village, Daiyinglling Town, Zhengxiang District to the west artery of Xiangtan-Hengyang Expressway. Its land expropriation, involving Zhengxiang District and Gaoxin Development Zone, has gone on smoothly. Zhou Haibing also said that the scenery along the river has changed enormously, so the construction of the scenery belt has not only helped improve the water conservancy and flood protection of Zhengshui River and the surrounding environment but also has lifted Hengyang City’s profile and is a good place for citizens’ leisure. Therefore, the two districts and each department should cooperate fully and all make standardizing construction, designing the cycle paths of the scenery belt as circles, accelerating building the related facilities and presenting a brand-new Zhengshui River Scenery Belt to citizens as early as possible.

In addition, Zhou Haibing noted that extension west of Hengzhou Avenue can effectively address the traffic bottlenecks in Santang Town and relieve the traffic pressure in the central urban area and accelerate the development in the surrounding area. Hence, each department should be united further and form resultant force, providing the most powerful insurance, the best service and the most comfortable environment for pushing the construction, accelerating the project schedule and ensuring the construction being completed on time and with quality guaranteed

Zhou Haibing also investigated the projects of Wanda Square. He required that governments should finish the building of the related facilities and the surrounding roads at the same time to ensure that the square can open on time when speeding up the construction. After being run, Wanda Square, with a total investment of 3,000,000,000 yuan and a total land area of 83.81 mu, can recruit about 10,000 employees and its tax per year is more than 50million yuan, and it will present an international and modern “one-stop urban life circle” with the function of shopping, catering, culture, entertainment and so on.

Municipal leaders including Zhou Yumei, Yang Longjin and Tang Wenfeng took part in the investigation.


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