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Best Undergraduates Winning Awards for Blood Donation
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On the gentle rainy morning of Apr. 8, sponsored by the Center Blood Donation Station of Hengyang, the First Award Ceremony for the Best University Blood Donors and the 2nd Opening Ceremony for the Wechat Selection were held, accompanied by the slogan “Let's converge a beautiful life river with hot-blooded spirit and build up a solid wall against ailment. Appreciate the donors who present modern students’ spirit by giving blood”.

Reportedly, over 500 undergraduates signed up for the Wechat selection, in which 16 students from Hunan Institute of Technology stood out and won the prizes, including 3 third prizes and 13 memorial prizes. As the only girl winning the third prize, Chen Shengjie shared: “This is the first time I have donated blood. I didn't intend to take part in it when I came across the selection activity. It doesn't matter to me if I can win the prize, but the contributions I made that count.” She also revealed that she would continue to share this benevolence by sticking with blood donation.

“Through this selection, I hope that more and more students will participate in blood donation. A drop of blood lost, a suffering life saved.” said Ma Jiakang, who also won the third prize. He also hoped an increasing number of people will contribute to blood donation, showing humanity by practical action.

Xie Hui, the director of the administrative office of the Center Blood Donation Station, noted: “In this very information era, we hope to propagate positive energy by the Internet and spread it to the society by virtue of undergraduates. At this point, the selection is progressing smoothly.” It was reported that the selection will last till the middle of July. During this period, all university students are welcome to sign up and access concrete registration method from the Wechat official account.


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