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5th Executive Meeting of Municipal Government Held in Hengyang
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On the afternoon of Mar. 25, Zhou Haibing chaired the 5th executive meeting of municipal government in 2017. The following social issues were under deliberate discussion: upgrading of power grid in rural areas, water conservancy, assistance for Shidu family(families who have lost their only child), regulation of scooters, grid management of social governance, drug control, openness in government affairs, etc.

The meeting conveyed the idea that government at all levels must seize the chance of our nation and province’s great emphasis on power grid upgrading, further unite thoughts and put people first; perform official duties and strive to overcome obstacles; ensure the upgrading work at the forefront of the province in accordance with the requirement of “the coziest environment, the rapidest development, the highest quality”. Additionally, every county and city must see the upgrading work as No.1 government program, appoint main leaders to coordinate the work; further promote the work of docking with power sectors, make plans in advance, represent the competitive work style; specialize the subsidy policy, enhance service quality and get departments at all levels in full operation; strengthen the supervision of work assessment, break down the work to every community level, inlay down the routine of weekly assessment and monthly circular.

The meeting reported on the following work: chief river system, flood control and drought relief, rural water safety, etc. The meeting also required that government officials should be hired as river chiefs at provincial, city, county and township levels to protect our ecological environment; the appointed river chiefs must be well aware of their responsibilities and tasks, to scrutinize and rectify existing problems, thus creating a good working atmosphere of concerted and strenuous efforts. Besides, departments at all levels must underline the flood prevention and disaster-relief work, make preparations for flood and disasters in an all-round way, put the prevention of geological hazards at the first place, intensify the efforts of work shifts and security guarantees, make sure of accurate forecast and warning, and uphold the safety of people’s lives and property. The meeting noted that rural water safety must be tackled by means of overall plans, stepwise execution and various water supplies, seeing that water safety must be well settled.

The meeting agreed on an improvement in subsidy standards of Shidu family and the disabled. It was stressed in the meeting that carrying out the plan of Shidu family is the fulfillment of the party’s mass line and the crucial measure to ensure and improve people’s livelihood. Departments of all levels must take prompt action to figure out the current situation, proactively raise funds, focus on the distribution work without any slipup, and improve the development ability and happiness index of Shidu family.
Opinions on Promoting the Overall Work of Making Government Affairs Public was examined and approved in the meeting, which calls for relevant departments to earnestly carry out the work, further intensify the government’s credibility and executive power, safeguarding the public’s rights to stay informed, to participate in, to express views on and to oversee government affairs.

The general secretary, Deng Xiaolin, participated in the meeting, as well as other leading officials: Zhang Zhang, He Xiaokun, Liao Jian, Hu Zhiwen, Liu Zhengxing, Gong Xueyu, Zhou Yumei, Yang Jinlong, Li Hui, Hu Shuilong, Tang Wenfeng.


Translator: Yin Jing


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