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2017 Hengnan Eco-tourism — Spring Flower Festival Held Splendidly
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March witnesses blooming flowers dotted in the fields of Hengnan County . On 3nd, Hengnan rural eco-tourism-Spring Flower Festival was splendidly held in Hekou, Baogai Town, attracting plenty of tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste some local food and feel the idyllic lifestyle.


Reportedly, 2017 Hengnan rural eco-tourism-Spring Flower Festival themed “Waves of Blooming Spring Flowers Represent a Splendid Hengnan” was sponsored by Hengyang Overseas Bureau of Religious Affairs, Hengyang Party committee and Hengnan government, and was organized by publicity department of Hengnan Party committee, department of Hengnan transportation and tourist, governments of Bangai Town and Quanhu Town, tourist office of Qishan and service center of Chejiangpian District. Lasted from March 3 to April 15, the festival will hold various flower activities or trips in different areas, i.e. spring outing “Baogai Embellished with Acres of Golden Rape Flowers” in Shuanghekou, Baogai Town; sightseeing activity of rape flowers “Miles of flower sea, Golden Quanhu” in Quanhu Town; outdoor tour of peach flowers “Gathering at Chejiang, Reunion with Peach Blossoms” in Tieshi, Dongjiang Town; sightseeing trip of hilled flowers “charm of flowers all over Qishan evoke nostalgia” in Qishan scenic area.

In that very morning, a grand opening ceremony for the festival was held in Shuanghekou, Baogai Town. With brilliant local performances of opening dance “Golden Age of Baogai”, folk dance “Hospitable People in Baogai”, song & dance show “Flourishing Flowers” and etc, tourists feasted their eyes for the local culture as well as enjoyed the views of golden rape flowers. Besides, various rural activities were also held in the village: tourist produce fair, displays of traditional agricultural tools, competition for catching fish barehanded, free making and taste of local snacks (cake, conjee and soup made by wild edible vegetables), picking organic tea in the garden etc. In Honghu, Quanhu Town, there were also different kinds of farm activities: photographs of booming flowers, tourist produce fair, cultural displays of farming, experiences of agricultural practices, etc. The activities will go on until March 5. On that day, with gorgeous sea of flowers and warm sunshine, the tourists enjoyed the luxury of the moment: walking in the yellow dirt, putting a garland around the head, recording the best moments of spring sights, making a spring wish. Capitalizing on bundles of straw, the organizers in charge of rape flower festival made many models of farm cattle, stone mills, airplanes, farmers who are working, which attracted a lot of tourists to take photos with them.

As a branch of the festival, sightseeing activity of peach blossoms will be held from March 17 to 19 in Tieshi, Chejiang Town. The contents of the activity include tourist produce fair, special BBQ on hot stones, photographs of beautiful scenery and visiting the gardens of peach flowers, rape flowers and azaleas. From April 7 to 15, Qishan Forest Park will hold a mountain flower activity, including hiking, free taste of snacks, tourist produce fair, outdoor bounds, photographs of scenery, a thousand signature campaign on “To Be A Civilized Tourist for a Better Hengnan”, and Mount Qishan flower exposition.

Hengnan boasts its beautiful natural sceneries and the galaxy of advanced culture and talents. Recent years, the Hengnan Party committee and government have centered on the development target of building a first-rate tourist County in Hunan and planned an overall tourist developing pattern. The tourist growth therefore gained good ground. The festival contributes to identifying a new path for developing overall tourism “creating power with the festival, expanding tourism with the power and invigorating the County with tourism”.

In the flower festival, Hengnan County deliberately prepared a series of theme events featuring uniqueness and variety in four different areas. Of particular note, the county will spare no efforts to present its precious tourist zones to the world, including Qishan Forest Park, Jiangkou Bird Island, Lianhu Lake and other national tourist attractions; Baogai Ginkgo Park, Dazhou Island and other rural tourist bases; Jinma Lake, Changchong Lake, Rose Base and other distinguished scenic spots; Huijing Rhein Resort, Oriental Fantasy Tourist Holiday Zone and other key tourist projects costing billions of RMB.


Translator: Yin Jing

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