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Lu’s New Residency Crowned Provincial Patriotic Education Base
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On Feb. 26, it's reported from the Administrative Committee in Gaoxin District, Hengyang, the Lu’s New Residency, in the memorial hall of the Defence War of Hengyang City, was successfully awarded the Patriotic Education Base in Hunan.

This was another brand name of great weight it had received after Class 3A Tourist Attractions in China, Cultural Relic Protection Unit at the provincial level, Red-Tourism Region at the provincial level, Patriotic Education as well as National Defense Education Bases at the municipal level.

This year, the Lu’s New Residency has become a booming tourism attraction since it was revamped and its public facilities were renovated. With its unique anti-Japanese war culture and profound history, it is to further expand the educational base. It will also make continued progress in arousing more citizens’ patriotic awareness and carrying forward the spirit of patriotism.


Translator: Yin Jing


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