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Hengyang City: Anti Corruption Coordination Meeting Held
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In the morning of February 23, the anti corruption coordination meeting was held by the municipal party committee, deploying the mechanism of anti corruption to fight against the corruption in the battle. The standing member of the municipal party committee and secretary of the municipal discipline inspection committee Bao Changlin attended the meeting and made a speech.

Bao Changlin said anti corruption coordination is the necessity of the anti corruption battle and the inner requirement of strict party construction as well as the practical situation of the new case handling mechanism. The coordination team shall be united in idea and function in anti corruption. At present, it is complicated and changing in corruption. Through organization and coordination, the human resources, information and function shall be used to play the role of advantages and break through the difficulties of cases.

Bao Changlin urged to have the consciousness of responsibility and duty implementation. The punctuation and consciousness of safety shall be held in case handling and discipline inspection. The supervision and management shall be held to prevent accidents and ensure self check.

Leaders of the municipal party committee and government Li Yanli, Zhang Jingwei and Liu Suncheng attended the meeting.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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