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Steadfast promotion of Mount Heng Tourism’s Second Pioneering Enterprise
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On the afternoon of Feb 18, Zhou Nong, the Secretary of the municipal party committee and the Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, visited Mount Heng and inspected its work of social development. He stressed: all-region tourism development strategy needs implementation; Mount Heng’s Second Pioneering Enterprise should be steadfastly carried forward; Mount Heng’s tourism quality is to be enhanced from all aspects with the policies such as Three Linkages, Six Focuses.

After listening to the work report of Nanyue District’s economic and social development, Zhou Nong declared for the remarkable results Mount Heng had achieved for the past year by giving examples: major economic indexes remained stable growth; all-region tourism development strategy made a new step forward; the scenic area’s image was greatly promoted; the festive activities were able to stand the racket; the Party building made prominent results. He also said: as one of the Five Great Mountains in China, Mount Heng is treasured like pearls in Hengyang, and also a shining brand for the beautiful Hunan. We must fully realize the fact that Mount Heng is in a leading position in the economic development of Hengyang tourism, so the whole district needs to further unify thinking, concentrating all thoughts and energy to boosting the development of travel economy, unshakably facilitating the Mount Heng’s Second Pioneering Enterprise, making sure of the success in establishing the state of global tourism demonstration area, building Mount Heng into a national tourism resort and revitalizing the thriving tourism of Mount Heng.

Zhou Nong stated briefly: Mount Heng’s tourism must be planned with overall viewpoint and all-around vision. In a bid to deeply implement all-region tourism development strategy, we must think out of the box, regarding the whole Nanyue District as a big scenic spot to plan and create with grand vision, high level and boldness, all work centering on tourism.

Zhou Nong emphasized: we need to further promote the construction of tourism projects, make overall plans for Mount Heng and welcome strategic investors with all-out attempt; further enhance the hospitality service for tourists, build a traffic network crisscrossing all tourist attractions and perfect the infrastructures' construction; further cultivate and expand the tourism market, solidify and prolong the traditional industry chain such as foods, accommodation, travelling, shopping and entertaining, make full use of the Internet plus’s new technology and ideas to increase tourism consumption level; further strengthen tourism safety, improve management capacity based on the law, keep an eye on the safety of the grand temple, wildfire, transportation, cableway and public places, formulate the safe production responsibility system and ensure the absolute safety production.

Last year, Mount Heng’s gross regional product totalled ¥3.621billon; general financial revenue ¥0.687billion; fixed assessments ¥3.177billion; total retail sales of consumer goods ¥2.429billion, with an increase of 8.9%, 10.13%, 21.4% and 11.8% respectively year on year. The scenic spot received 8.757 million tourists, with entrance ticket income of ¥0.383billion.

Since the beginning of 2017, the development trend of Mount Heng were exceptionally booming, receiving total 658,700 tourists which rose up by 31% and taking in over 27 million yuan of ticket income, which ranked as the most-visited scenic region throughout Hunan during Chinese Spring Festival holidays and achieved an auspicious start for the new year.

Zhang Hewen, the municipal standing committee and the secretary general, presided over the meeting.

City leaders, Chen Jing and Liao Jian, attended the meeting.


Translator: Yin Jing

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