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[701936] Chunyun:50 Extra Buses Added for the Peak
  On the 7th day of the lunar year, migrant workers set foot on the journey to Guangzhou hurriedly. The city proper bus station has embraced the first round transpo... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701938] Chunyun:15-Day Pre-sale Tickets Available after Spring Festival, Price Stable
  During the Spring Festival Rush, in the Central Bus Station 6 ticket booths are added, including 4 booking booths. Moreover, two special booths for pre-sale ticke... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701940] Hengyang Speed: Zhengyang North Road Extension Project
  “Has the outline of road been finished within 40 days? This speed sets a record in Hengyang.” On November 25, deputies of national, provincial and municipal Peo... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701942] Hengyang Speed:Hechuang-Zhengshui Bridge Goes into Construction
  On November 29, the Hechuang-Zhengshui Bridge started the construction alongside Zhengshui River.
  It is known that this bridge is the municipal key project of... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701960] “Public Reading Month ” embarked on the campus of Hengyang Normal University
  On the morning of Nov. 15th, a grand ceremony of “public reading month” was launched in Hengyang Normal University and cadres of municipal government of Hengyan... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701965] "Public Reading Month" Unfolded
  On November 15, the third Municipal Public Reading Month with the theme of “Public Reading for a Civilized City” started in Hengyang, advocating “Reading will ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701966] “Public Reading Month ”:340,000 books delivered to rural libraries
  Many books concerning the daily life of farmers are put in the “rural library” in Changning county, including "The Key to Wealth for Farming","The Science of R... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701967] “Public Reading Month ”:Books delivered to 198 Country Bookhouses in Changning Various books which are mainly related to famers’life have been delivered to 198 country bookhouses in Changning recently. On November 7, the activity of “sending bo... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701968] “Made in Hengyang”: Cables in Shenzhou-8 Spacecraft
  In the morning of Nov, 1st, Shenzhou-8 spacecraft, loaded by the “Long March II F” carrier rocket, was launched into the space in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Cente... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[701969] Hengyang Speed:First Ridge of Xiangjiang Bridge to Close up Tonight
  It is reported from the project department of Hengzhou Avenue that the first ridge of Xiangjiang Bridge on Hengzhou Avenue is planned to close up tonight.
  To ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
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