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Holiday Railway Ticket in Buying Rush   As of 18:00 on September 18, there are only a few high-speed and normal-speed train tickets from Hunan to such cities as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai for September 22. Those tickets towards Yueyang, Huaihua, and Shaoyang are hard to get.   The normal train tickets from Hunan ... [2018-09-21 10:50:00]
Hunan Takes the Lead in Prefabricated Building Development in China   The Hunan Prefabricated Building Development Symposium was held on September 18, 2018. It announced that by the end of August, Hunan’s prefabricated building development has delivered fruitful results:   ·The accumulative prefabricated building covered 30 million square meters;   ·Pre... [2018-09-21 10:48:00]
Improving Ability to Perform Duties: Main Course of Autumn Term of Hengyang Municipal Party School Begins   On September 18, Hengyang Party School held the opening ceremony of the main class in the autumn semester of 2018. Liao Jian, Deputy Secretary of Hengyang Party Committee and principal of Hengyang Party School, gave the students a vivid “first lesson” around the theme of “striving to be a... [2018-09-20 15:41:00]
Tenth Paralympic Games of Hunan Province opened in Hengyang, City of Wild Goose   On the evening of September 18, the opening ceremony of the 10th Paralympic Games of Hunan Province was held in Hengyang Sports Center Gymnasium. Sui Zhongcheng, vice governor and director of the Organizing Committee of the tenth Paralympic Games, announced the opening ceremony. Ouyang Huang... [2018-09-20 15:40:00]
Two Villages in Hengyang among List of “Provincial-Level Beautiful Villages”   Recently, the United Front Department of the Provincial Party Committee convened a conference to deepen the construction of concentric and beautiful countryside in the whole province, and decided to award 30 villages, such as Xunlonghe Village of Orchard Town, Changsha County, as the first b... [2018-09-20 15:39:00]
Deng Qunce Presided Over Executive Meeting of Municipal Government to Study, Deploy Related Work   On September 17, the mayor of Hengyang City Municipal Government, Deng Qunce, chaired an executive meeting of the municipal government to study and deploy public safety, audit rectification, rural collective property rights reform, secondary water supply management and other work.   The me... [2018-09-20 15:38:00]
102 college graduates come to Hengyang for 26 days of pre-job training.   On the morning of September 17, 2018, the opening ceremony of pre-job training class for non-employed college students from Turpan, Xinjiang province was hold in Hengyang Technician College. 102 non-employed college students from Turpan will take 26 days of pre-job training in Hengyang Techn... [2018-09-19 08:29:00]
How national prefectural online media network see the 2018 Opening of kaifeng interview activities   In this pleasant season of autumn with brisk air and osmanthus aroma, the ancient city Kaifeng oozes the charm of autumn. On September 18, 2018 the large-scale interview activities of the national prefectural online media's view on Kaifeng kicked off (or opened) in Kaifeng, an ancient capita... [2018-09-19 08:23:00]
Working Conference on Guarding against and Dealing with Heresy Held in Hengyang to Improve the Level of Prevention and Control of Heresy   Recently, a municipal working conference on guarding against and deaingl with heresy was held in Lei yang. The meeting emphasized that we should earnestly carry out the spirit learned from the training class for leading cadres of the province to guard against heresy system, and to create a t... [2018-09-19 08:18:00]
Hengyang Made Comprehensive Patrol to Protect Lives and Properties of Citizens   Starting on September 15, overall patrols were launched across Hengyang, the crossroads of southern Hunan Province. There, you could see the real scene of the work-from morning to night, police cars were running with flashing lights across the city; rows of well-dressed and well-equipped tro... [2018-09-18 09:54:00]
Typhoon Mangkut Landed, Deng QunCe Re-deploy Defense Work in Hengyang   Typhoon Mangkhut (severe typhoon level) has landed in Yanhai Town, TaiShan City, GuangDong province at 5:00 pm, September 16. At 8:00 pm, Deng QunCe, the Deputy Secretary and the Mayor of Hengyang , held a meeting of flood and typhoon prevention, delivering the notice from Hunan Flood Contro... [2018-09-18 09:53:00]
Wu Guiying Announcing the Ending of 13th Provincial Sports Meeting   On the evening of 14th Sep., Hengyang Sports Center witnessed the closing ceremony of the 13th Provincial Sports Meeting which is conducted by the propaganda division of municipal Party committee and Hengyang broadcast and television Station. After Wu Guiying, deputy governor and director of... [2018-09-18 09:51:00]
Hengyang Actively Identifying Potential Safety Hazards in Foods, 412 Cases Found   On September 14th, reporters knew from Hengyang Food Safety Committee meeting that this year Hengyang is continuously strengthening its supervision system and made great efforts on the development of farm products planting, livestock and aquatic products breeding, food production, market cir... [2018-09-18 09:49:00]
City Education Poverty Alleviation Month Starts   Recently, Hengdong County No. 6 Middle School welcomed a group of special guests. Hunan Benlil Cultural and Educational Industry Group and Hengyang Yubang Education Management Co., Ltd. launched caring activities here. More than 1100 students of the school put on brand-new school uniforms. ... [2018-09-17 20:51:00]
Duan Zhigang Supervises Improvement of Rural Human Settlements, Poverty Relief in Hengnan County   Duan Zhigang, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Hengyang People’s Congress, led the leaders of relevant departments of the Municipal Government to Hengnan County on September 14, to supervise the improvement of the rural human settlemen... [2018-09-17 20:36:00]