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Foreign Trade Volume Up 34.4% in First Five Months   Hunan foreign trade maintained rapid growth during January and May this year. According to the Changsha Customs statistics, the total import and export value surpassed 105 billion CNY, an increase of 34.3% over the same period of last year. The exports were 65.42 billion CNY, up 33.2%; and, ... [2018-06-15 08:10:00]
Hengyang Builds More Eco-friendly Parks   The photo shows at Hengyang Eco-Park, a mother paradise flycatcher returns home with an insect in her month, and the baby birds open their mouths for being fed. In recent years, a number of green ecological parks have been built in the urban area of Hengyang, thus good living conditions have... [2018-06-15 08:08:00]
Zheng Jianxin Inspects Party School, Urging to Make Ideological Lighthouse for Distinguishing Direction.   In the afternoon of June 12th, Zheng Jianxin, secretary of the municipal Party committee and the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, stressed that we should conscientiously study and implement the ideology of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteri... [2018-06-14 18:14:00]
Liao Yanqiu Dispatches Wukuang Nonferrous Copper Lead Zinc Industrial Base, Construction of Wa-Song Railway   In the afternoon of June 11th, Liao Yanqiu, chairman of the Hengyang Municipal Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), led the team to Shuikoushan, Changning City, and dispatched the construction of the non-ferrous metal, copper, lead, zinc industry base and the special line of Wa-Song ra... [2018-06-14 18:13:00]
Municipal Government Inspects Production Safety in Yanfeng District   On June 11th, He Fuhan, the Party committee member and chief engineer of the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, led the comprehensive safety inspection team of the city’s safety production to the comprehensive supervision of safety production in Yanfeng District. The inspection team first... [2018-06-14 18:13:00]
On Fifteenth “World Blood Donation Day” Hengyang City Public Officials Volunteer Blood Donation   June 14th, 2018 is the fifteenth world blood donation day. To call on the public to join the contingent of free blood donation, in the morning of June 12th, the fifteenth “World Blood Donation Day” and “the third time of city public officials taking the lead in voluntary blood donation” ... [2018-06-14 18:11:00]
Li Keqiang’s Investigation in Hunan: To Speed up Transformation of New & Old Kinetic Energy, Enhance Endogenous Driving Force of Development   From June 11th to 12th, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang, accompanied by Li Keqiang, the Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the CPC, and Xu Daz... [2018-06-14 18:11:00]
Hengyang Centred on Major Poverty Reduction Problems   The meeting on tackling major poverty reduction problems was held on the morning of June 8. The meeting underlined that the existed problems should be rectified according to the provincial regulations before June 15.   Departments at all levels acted to tackle the problems with specific me... [2018-06-12 07:23:00]
Establishment of Hengyang Foundation for Justice and Courage   On Jun. 8th, Hengyang Foundation for Justice and Courage was established. During the establishment conference, entrusted by Zheng Jianxin, the secretary of Hengyang municipal committee and director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, Deng Ke, a member of Hengyang mu... [2018-06-12 07:22:00]
Intelligent Dispatching Room in Public Transit Hub station of Chuanshan Bridge Established   After a 2-day installation and trial run, on June 8th, intelligent dispatching room in the west approach of Chuanshan Bridge was fully operational, the public service advertising display screen in the station made from stainless steel turned the city to be vivid and colorful.   On the morn... [2018-06-12 07:21:00]
670 Million yuan Provided as Credit to 3 Tourism Companies in Hengyang   On the afternoon of 7th Jun., three tourism companies receive credits of 670 million yuan at the symposium —— Financially Supporting the Development of Hengyang’s Tourism and Handover Meeting. Zhang Zhang, Standing Committee of Hengyang Municipal Committee of the CPC and vice mayor attend... [2018-06-12 07:19:00]
Hengyang Taxi Drivers Offer Free Rides to Students Taking College   On June 5, taxis with the sticker of “Free Rides to Students Taking National College Entrance Exam” are ready to set off. The voluntary activity was launched in Hengyang on the same day. There are now more than 3,000 cars taking part in the event. During the period of the two- day-long col... [2018-06-08 07:47:00]
Hengyang Holds National Meeting on Camellia Oil Industry   The National On-the-spot Meeting on the development of camellia oil industry was unveiled in Hengyang on June 5. Leaders from the relevant departments of the Central Government, 15 chiefs of forestry departments at provincial, prefecture, and autonomous region levels, and experts in the fiel... [2018-06-08 07:46:00]
Growth of Total Output Value of Scale Industry Between January and April Reached 16.2%   Hengyang industrial economy went steady from January to April. The growth of total output value of scale industry reached 16.2%; Added value of scale industry reached 7.5%. Year-on-year growth of scale industry is 8.2%, which takes up 70.3% of that of Hengyang city. Out of 120 major industri... [2018-06-05 04:30:00]
Deng Qunce: Shantytown Renovation and Pollution Control   On the afternoon of June 1st, the dispatch conference of shantytown renovation and air and water pollution control was held in Hengyang. At the conference, the participants discussed Opinions on Further Promoting the Shantytown Renovation in Hengyang(Exposure Draft), and De Qunce, the Depu... [2018-06-05 04:28:00]