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Zheng Jianxin made a special investigation on the construction of Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2020-01-09 18:08:16 [A  A]
On the morning of January 3, Zheng Jianxin, the Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee, made a special survey on the construction of Linghu Lake Sewage Disposal Plant. And he stressed that we should heighten the ideological understanding, strengthen the coordination and go all out to overcome difficulties to ensure that the Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant will be completed and put into operation in 2020.
At the symposium, the relevant Municipal Departments, Zhuhui District and the Project Construction Units reported their work and put forward suggestions on how to accelerate and promote the project construction. The scale of construction of Hengyang Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant is 60,000 tons per day, which has been constructed in two phases. In the first phase, the daily treatment capacity is 40,000 tons (the total investment is about 237 million yuan). While in the second phase, the daily treatment capacity is 20,000 tons and the total area of the construction land is 104.55 mu. In addition, the range of sewage treatment is an area enclosed by Leishui River, 2nd Ring Road (East), Dongfeng Road and Henghua Road, which primarily serves Linghu Lake District and the University Town. After approved by the Municipal Government to adopt the PPP mode, the project construction was fully started in 2015. However, the process of the project was not smooth for various reasons.

After hearing their reports, Zheng expressed that protecting the blue sky and clean water is a concrete action to build a moderately well-off society in an all-round way. Promoting the construction of municipal sewage treatment facilities to realize the ecological beauty has been taken as an important content in making Hengyang become a city with the beauty of planning, ecology, life, industry, humanity, harmony and image by the Municipal Party Committee. Besides, the Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant has also been the key assessment items in implementing the ten-measure action plan to tackle water pollution. And the departments at all levels must pay high attention to going all out to overcome difficulties and unswervingly speed up the project construction. Also, it is necessary to promptly straighten out the system and mechanisms, and clarify the responsibilities of all departments at all levels and all parties involved in the project construction to strengthen their communication and coordination, and to enhance their pragmatic cooperation. We should also focus on solving many bottlenecks to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results among the three parties, including capital investment, the formalities, land expropriation and housing removal. Furthermore, we need to strictly control the project quality and promote the construction of the Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant with high standards. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government would fully support the construction of the Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant and the Supervision Departments should strengthen the supervision to ensure that the Linghu Lake Sewage Treatment Plant will be completed and put into operation as scheduled in 2020.

Zheng made some requests at the symposium. First, we should have a long-term vision and fully promote the construction of municipal infrastructure. Second, we were supposed to widely solicit opinions and suggestions from NPC Delegates, CPPCC Members and experts to construct municipal sewage treatment plants in a scientific and rational way. What’s more, it was also important to accelerate the construction of sponge city, strengthen the construction of the underground utility tunnel and strictly implement the diversion of rain and sewage to perfect the city. And we should also vigorously promote the ecological restoration and the improvement of the quality of urban public service. With the idea of renewal and renovation, we need to remove illegal buildings, restore the urban facilities, the space environment and the landscape style, and enhance urban characteristics and vitality to lay a solid foundation for speeding up the construction of the Provincial Sub-centre City and the most beautiful Prefecture-level City.

The city leader Peng Yuming presided over the symposium.
Translator: Jing
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