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“Hengyang Masses” Publicizes Forest Fire Prevention in the Town of WangChuanshan’s Residence
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2019-11-06 12:00:01 [A  A]

On the morning of Oct 13, Municipal network volunteers association, together with Hengyang county fire prevention office and fire fighters with Qulan town, held the “HengYang masses” autumn and winter forest fire prevention publicity activities in Qulan town community and former residence of Wang Chuanshan.



“The city forest fire prevention headquarter demands that we extend the publicity propaganda to the forefront and the most basic of communities, schools, companies and countries, centering on the key point about the prohibition of burning straw and the legal liability for illegal use of fire, and deeply implant the idea about strictly controlling and preventing illegal use of fire in the masses’ heart.” Internet volunteer Luo Jiajun introduced, the autumn and winter weather is abnormal this year, as hot and dry weathers increase a lot, we should enhance the intensity of fire prevention publicity.


Qulan town in autumn, the flowers in full bloom and brilliant as brocade, attract throngs of visitors. The whole town hosted the general mobilization with the theme of “ celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of Wang Chuanshan”. They were busy constructing the culture square and beautifying the old residence.


Guided by the propaganda car, the volunteers in green waistcoats gave out the publicity material on Hengyang Forest fire prevention and prohibition notice in groups.


“Qulan is a forest area, and everyone knows the importance of fire prevention.” Zou Wenji, a senior citizen in Qulan village Zhaojia group said, now our village always broadcasts the caution about the incident that villagers in other villages and towns caused a hill fire for burning straw and the town’s propaganda car disseminated it regularly. Everyone knows that one would be imprisoned if he or she sets forest fire. Zou Wenji said that “ their village Shanggao group had collectively constructed the cemetery and they offered sacrifices in special place and went to hill without fire.” Zou Wenji had placed the stainless steel container in his ancestral grave to burn the ritual money.


ShengYifang, director of HengYang county fire prevention office said, the key of autumn and winter forest fire prevention publicity is implementation. There are detailed methods in the stipulation, but if you skimp you work and become careless, it is highly possible to cause a fire. the political stance, responsibility to implement, enhance publicity and serious discipline are the main inspector contents that current fire prevention does take.



translator: Li Zhongliang

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