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The Premiere of Wang Chuanshan, Great Confucian Scholar On CCTV Lecture Room Arises Hengyang Audiences’Heated Discussion
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2019-11-06 12:00:01 [A  A]

This net news journalist Chengcong reported that on October 14th,Lecture room “Hengyang special edition” The Great Confucian scholar Wang ChuanShan broadcast on science and technology education channel of China Media Group (CCTV10).After the first program was broadcast,audiences discussed it passionately and experts,scholars, citizens and netizen have expressed their reviews.

It is reported that Lecture room “Hengyang special edition”The Great Confucian scholar Wang Chuanshan was divided into six programs,including the family tradition of loyalty and piety,the way of chasing dreams, the responsibility of ordinary men, through classic to renew its meaning, eulogizing from generation to generation, spine of nation, which will broadcast one episode every day since 14th. This program represented the volatile life of Wang Chuanshan 400 years ago by intellectual?conversation ,returning district, reappearing scenes,interpreting using animation.



After watching the first program, Li Zhendong, visiting professor from Hengyang normal university and guest speaker of Shigu Academy big rostrum, was very excited. He said:“It is a major breakthrough in research and developing Chuanshan science as the program The great Confucian scholar Wang Chuanshan was broadcast on Lecture room of CCTV at high frequency.Telling Chuanshan’s story was the best celebration for 400th anniversary of Wang Chuanshan’s birth,which is beneficial to promoting the research of Chuanshan science expanding to a deeper and wider field.As a young learner of Hengyang, I feel extremely proud that we have a great Confucian Wang Chuanshan.”
Citizen Fang Zhuo said:“I am a ‘fan’ of Wang Chuanshan. He was a scholar like encyclopedia and a master of Hunan culture. It believed that the six episode can make more people feel the charm of Chuanshan culture and make the research of Chuanshan thought and study of Chuanshan culture a trend.”


Netizen Zhou Yang said:“I watched the program on TV today.The real-life form was refreshing. I not only study the spiritual culture of Chuanshan, but moved by his patriotism. As the program was recorded in Hengyang, it shows the culture card of Hengyang to audience all over the country.As native of Hengyang working in another city, I am proud of my hometown!”


translator: Li Zhongliang

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