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Tourism Takes the Lead in the Development of Bailian Town, Hengdong County
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2019-11-06 12:00:01 [A  A]

“We live a better life with the increase of the tourists.” Mrs. Xiao, a villager of Bailian village, Bailian town was excited recently. With the improvement of the rural environment, the rural tourism of Bailian Town in Hengdong County developed rapidly, and her family has also opened up a farmhouse as well as sold more native products, so their income is several times higher than before.


Ni Qiuhua, mayor of Bailian Town People's Government, told reporters that in recent years, Bailian Town has been focuseing on building a “special tourist town in Hunan Province”. Under the leadership of the Hengdong County Party Committee and the county government, the rural revitalization strategy was implemented vigorously.


Rural public services Facility construction is a breakthrough, and demonstrations are carried out to create a group of beautiful rural villages with rural tourism, industrial support and multi-integration.
Mafang Village has been identified as a national civilized village, and Hengdong·Bai Lian Scenic Area has been awarded the national AAA-level tourist scenic spot. It successfully held the “White Lotus in beautiful Hengdong”, Hunan Hengdong's first rural eco-tourism and cultural festival, attracting 100,000 tourists from both inside and outside the province and improving the popularity of white lotus.
In the early morning, the warm sunshine slowly rises and illuminates the entire Bailian town. The lotus flowers planted on both sides of the country road are swaying in the breeze, like beautiful dancing girls. The farmyards with white walls and gray tiles alongside the straight and clean streets, the inspiring cultural wall and the villagers in twos and threes basking in the sun, all of this constitutes a flowing landscape.
For the future development of Bailian Town, Zhu Aiguo, secretary of the Party Committee of Bailian Town, told reporters confidently: "We will adhere to the development strategy of the provincial government and strive to create a 'special tourist town in Hunan Province', focusing on tourism development, rural revitalization and cadre style, comprehensively promote the development of various economic and social undertakings in the town, and continuously improve the sense of well-being and happiness of the people."


translator: Li Zhongliang

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