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Zheng Jianxin attended and gave a speech in 25th Meeting by 15th Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2019-11-12 15:42:43 [A  A]

From October 31 to November 1, the 25th meeting was held by the 15th Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress. Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and the Director of Municipal People’s Congress, attended and gave a speech.

The meeting listened to and examined the report about the management of state assets of our city. It stressed that the Municipal Government and other relevant Departments should overcome the shortcomings, further clarify the state-owned assets of enterprises in the city, straighten the supervision system of the national asset, deepen the state-run enterprises’ reform, promote the transformation and development of platform companies and strengthen the leadership of the state business to fully improve the service level and quality of the management of state assets. Besides, they should make the state-owned economy in Hengyang bigger, stronger and better and give full play to supporting the role of state-owned enterprises in the high-quality development of city’s economy.

The meeting listened to and discussed the report about the professional education in the whole city from Municipal Government. The meeting required that we need to improve the cognition, ride this tide in a higher attitude and combine the actual development of Hengyang to promote the rapid development of our professional education. Also, we were supposed to accelerate the construction and promote the level in a renewable conception with greater responsibilities to serve for the interests and promote the developments and strengthen the leadership and guarantee to promote the high-quality development of the whole city's professional education.

Duan Zhigang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, attended the meeting and gave a speech. Li Pengfei, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, presided over the meeting. Yan Huaheng, Wu Qingming, Tan Dunlong, Hou Mingxing, Zou Zhihe and Li Yanli, Deputy Directors of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Long Xueyi, the Secretary General, attended this meeting together.

Deputy Mayors includng Zhou Yumei, Yang Longjin, Peng Yuming and Yang Hongfeng attended this meeting.


Translator: Jing

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