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Zheng Jianxin went to some schools for conducting research work for education and campus safety in depth
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2019-09-10 23:00:03 [A  A]

On the 6th September, with the 35th Teacher’s Day approaching, Zheng Xinjian, the Municipal Secretary of CPC, went to some kindergartens, primary schools and senior high schools for conducting research work and visited the front-line teachers and through them to all the people who work for education expressed the festival greetings. He stressed we should make schools and teachers to the satisfaction of the people, and run satisfactory education, all of which are around the satisfaction of people.

On that day, Zheng Xinjian successively went to Hengzhou Kindergarten, Hengzhou Primary School, Hengyang Experimental Primary school, and Hengyang 8th Junior school, and paid a visit to the teacher’s representatives: Zhu Lihua, Luo Ping and Yi Tao, etc. He said a teacher is the engineer of human’s soul, and teachers are to keep on the professional integrities which are being the stair of students, and tireless in teaching, to keep a foothold on the job and diligently study on the professional work so as to cultivate more talented people for the society. He also checked the prevention measures on daily safety precaution of the urban schools in detail, demanding that relevant departments at all levels and schools are required to carry out the spirit order from the Central Party, Provincial CPC and Provincial Government, and conduct the decisions and arrangements from the municipal CPC and Government, preserve in the bottom-line thinking to be determined to maintain the campus safety and stability.


During the investigation, Zheng Jianxin looked through the educational and teaching situation and knew the situation of infrastructure, teaching staff, educational level and source of school enrollment, etc., and learned about the problems and difficulties of municipal development of fundamental education. He asked one after another: how is the students’ status? How is their life? In the Class 490, Hengyang 8th Senior High school, he pumped the senior 3 students up and encouraged students to utilize the time sufficiently and strike a proper balance between study and rest, and study hard to get an outstanding score to realize their dream and win honor for Hengyang City.

Zheng Jianxin emphasized that teachers are required to be the ones to the satisfaction of the people, cultivate their morality and pass students the positive energy; teachers should have both competence and wide knowledge and accumulation; teachers should throw themselves into teaching ‘everything for students, for every student, for the students’ everything’; teachers need to keep pace with time and keep on absorbing the new concept and broaden the new teaching material and explore the new way of teaching. We need to run satisfactory education, boost the patriotism, cultivate the students’ morality, build the perseverance characteristic and promote the learning ability.

Liao Jian, a municipal leader, attended the investigation and hosted the forum.


Translator: Jing



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